COVID-19 Updates and Information From Columbia Psychiatry

March 24, 2020

Latest News on COVID-19

Updates on policies for the ongoing care of patients and research participants.

AllenComm Partners with Columbia University Psychiatric Department to Offer Free Online Guide to Overcome Anxiety Caused by COVID-19

“Anxiety can run wild during times of uncertainty and crisis,” says Anne Marie Albano, PhD, ABPP. “Our goal is to give practical information on how to think through, calm yourself, and manage during this COVID-19 pandemic. This guide gives practical steps for how to keep your calm during a time of uncertainty.”

How You Can Take Care of Your Mental Health During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Lloyd I. Sederer, MD lists five ways to take better care of ourselves and quiet the stress as we face the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic.

How to use social distancing to get closer to your friends and family

Anthony Puliafico, PhD discusses how to use this time to get closer to the people who matter most to us. 

China's Coronavirus Response Included Mental Health Assistance

Jeffrey Cohen, PsyD said, "Studies suggest that clinical levels of anxiety increased in China after the COVID-19 outbreak and we can expect clinical levels of anxiety to rise in the U.S."

Pandemic Foreshadows Crisis in Mental Health Services

"The sobering reality is that high-quality mental health care is not available to most people," writes Jeffrey A. Lieberman, MD.

Columbia Psychiatry Providing Support for CUIMC Faculty

The Department of Psychiatry at the Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons is providing psychological support and guidance for stress management to CUIMC faculty and staff during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Coping With COVID-19 Anxiety: Frequently Asked Questions

Every day, the COVID-19 outbreak confronts us with new challenges that affect both our personal and professional lives. This can take a real toll on all of our mental health. Jeffrey Cohen, PsyD answers some of the most frequently asked questions that are facing us as we learn to cope with this crisis.

Tips for Parents on Coping with COVID

Lauren J. Hoffman, PsyD and Steve Mazza, PhD give some guidance for taking care of yourself and your family.

Worried Sick: Fighting Stress and Anxiety in the Midst of COVID-19

Anthony Puliafico, PhD discusses the long list of concerns that can accompany a public health pandemic like COVID-19. 

Talking with Children About Coronavirus

Dara M. Steinberg, PhD and Anthony Puliafico, PhD offer some tips to help parents and other caregivers talk about COVID-19 with children.

This Coronavirus Patient Dodged A Bullet With Hydroxychloroquine. Is She A Harbinger Or Outlier?

Brian A. Fallon, MD comments on a study reporting that hydroxychloroquine plus azithromycin may be helpful treating COVID-19.

Managing Anxiety During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Brian A. Fallon, MD shares his recommendations on how to manage anxiety while remaining safe. 

MSNBC 3.17.20 Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman

Jeffrey A. Lieberman, MD answers viewers' questions regarding coping with the Coronavirus.

Coping with Anxiety and Stress in the Age of Coronavirus

Anne Marie Albano, PhD, ABPP shares some thoughts and expert advice on how to cope in the midst of an unprecedented global health crisis.

6 Healthy Ways to Manage Your Coronavirus Anxiety, According to Psychologists

Jeffrey Cohen, PsyD says being aware of your anxiety may also help you better manage it in future instances.

NYS Office of Mental Health Travel Notice

NYP COVID-19 Info Sheet

NYP COVID-19 Strategy for Outpatient Clinics and Practices


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