Clinical Psychology


Laura Mufson, Ph.D.

Claude Ann Mellins, Ph.D.


To establish and support the professional identity, work-related activities, and professional development of clinical psychologists engaged in clinical activities at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC), New York Presbyterian Hospital (NYP), and New York State Psychiatric Institute (NYSPI). Our goal is to make a significant contribution to clinical education and the development of clinical services within the Department of Psychiatry and the Medical Center. The OCP serves several important functions for Columbia Psychiatry, one of which is oversight of educational opportunities for clinical psychology trainees.

Education and Training :

1. To support training and oversee the development, organization, credentialing, and review of externships and postdoctoral fellowships

2. Maintain the APA accreditation of the Psychology Internship Program under the leadership of Susan Sussmann, Ph.D.

Contact for Office of Clinical Psychology:

Location: The Office of Clinical Psychology is located in Room 1223 at the Neurological Institute

(tel) 212-342-3806 (email)

Laura Mufson, Ph.D.

Claude Ann Mellins, Ph.D.