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Columbia Psychiatry comprised of the Columbia Department of Psychiatry, New York State Psychiatric Institute and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia University Irving Medical Center is home to faculty and staff of enormous expertise and experience. The Department delivers world class research, education, and treatment, and we want to further amplify our voice and extend our reach

We believe that by bringing reliable, digestible information to mental health and addictions stakeholders, we can highlight Columbia Psychiatry and contribute to the national behavioral health dialogue. A pandemic and a racial justice reckoning can be an opportunity to alleviate ongoing and prevent future suffering. At the policy level, we need equitable insurance coverage, access to treatments that work, and a safety net that ensures education, housing, and jobs. Communications doesn’t make policy, but effective communications can help inform policy.

Our Communications Team at Columbia Psychiatry is pleased to publicize your news. Please fill out our “Share Your News” form to share your publications, appearances, news articles, upcoming events, or any other newsworthy activity. For faculty and staff at NYSPI, please remember to review our media policy guidelines when interacting with the media.

We encourage you to notify our team as far in advance as possible about major publications, presentations, or events. We can assist you in developing appropriate media plans, when applicable.