Refund and Cancellation Policy

Psychotherapy Division


Refunds are a percentage of charges assessed to the student based on the date of the student’s last day of attendance (separation) as reported to the Program Coordinator of the Center’s Psychotherapy Programs. Newly admitted students will forfeit any deposit upon withdrawal, and second-year trainees will be assessed a withdrawal fee at the same rate, regardless of when the withdrawal takes place. These are $500 for TFP and $100 for all others. A refund calculation of the remaining balance will be based on the last day of attendance.

Refund Rate for Withdrawals

Please review the below details about the Refund Rate for Withdrawals. Students intending to take a leave of absence or withdraw from our Psychotherapy Division programs must contact their Program Chair/s and email our Program Coordinator to obtain their refund based on the timeline below.

  • Prior to Class 2: 100% tuition refunded (less deposit/withdrawal fee)
  • Prior to Class 3: 90% tuition refunded
  • Prior to Class 4: 80% tuition refunded
  • Prior to Class 5: 70% tuition refunded
  • Prior to Class 6: 60% tuition refunded
  • Prior to Class 7: 50% tuition refunded
  • Prior to Class 8: 40% tuition refunded
  • After Class 8: There will be no refund after class 8


In the unlikely event that this program is canceled by the Center before the term of instruction is complete, we will reimburse 100% of the remaining proportion of the program.

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