Why Psychoanalysis?

"Why Psychoanalysis?" is a free monthly discussion group for those interested in learning more about psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic training. Hosted by Sarah Jane Grossbard, Michelle Merrill, and Alexandra Sacks, all analysts at Columbia, "Why Psychoanalysis?" illustrates what makes psychoanalysis different from other types of psychotherapy and the diversity and depth of approaches that candidates are exposed to at Columbia. 

Each meeting starts with light food and the opportunity to meet faculty, candidates, and other trainees interested in psychoanalysis. We then lead a discussion on the featured paper, followed by a case presentation of psychoanalytic session notes by a faculty member or candidate from our Center. The presentations focus on selected psychoanalytic themes (e.g., transference/countertransference, defense, unconscious fantasy, enactment) and their relationship to the reading on the topic. The group is encouraged to actively participate with questions and comments on the case presentation, its relationship to the paper, and their own clinical work. Participants will sharpen their ability to listen psychoanalytically, learn what makes psychoanalysis unique, and hear about the process of psychoanalytic training at Columbia.

When and Where

"Why Psychoanalysis?" meets on a Monday evening of each month at the home of one of our faculty members. Please check our calendar of events for specific dates. Participants may come to one or many seminars. These meetings will not have a remote option.

Who Can Come

"Why Psychoanalysis?" is open to medical students, psychology graduate students, psychiatry residents, and early career psychologists and psychiatrists.

To Attend

Space is limited. To be added to the "Why Psychoanalysis?" email invitation list, please use the button below to sign up.