Columbia Academy for Psychoanalytic Educators (CAPE)

Preparing the Next Generation of Educators

Following a year-long process of research, focus groups, and deliberation in committees and among the Center's community, the Executive Committee has approved a new devleopmental pathway for those analysts seeking to teach, supervise, and analyze candidates. Under the auspices of the Faculty Advancement Committee (Drs. Bob Glick and Gloria Stern, Co-Chairs) and the Faculty Development Committee (Dr. Deborah Cabaniss, Chair), the Columbia Academy for Psychoanalytic Educators (CAPE) will begin two pilot training programs in the coming months. 

These two courses mark a major advance in the Center's approach to developing the academic careers of our graduates and preparing the teachers upon whom the education of our candidates rests.

Supervising and Analyzing Candidates

Those seeking to supervise and analyze candidates will take part in a two-year training program combining monthly seminars, individual supervision, and peer group supervision, all focused on developing the skills specific to those roles. 

This program’s classes will remain fully remote.