DEI Resources

The Center is committed to creating a learning environment in which all of our members–students and teachers alike–feel valued, included, and at home. We believe that a diverse classroom and institute deepens our teaching, enriches our field, and enhances the clinical care provided by our graduates.

Striving to understand the lived experience and mental life of others is at the very core of our work as psychoanalysts and psychotherapists. The challenge to reach across the differences that divide us while recognizing the impossibility of ever fully knowing the other is not only crucial to the treatments we provide–it is a necessary aspect of teaching, learning from, and collaborating with one another as colleagues.

We ask that all members of the Center set aside time to explore the resources here. They include videos of presentations on the role of racism in our professions, reading lists of articles appearing in the psychoanalytic literature as well as writing for the general public, and links to resources provided by the larger University.

Thank you for giving your time and attention to understanding the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion at the Center, as well as the forces that limit us in achieving these goals.

Explore Columbia University's Policies and Procedures Regarding Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity, and Discrimination