Psychoanalytic Programs

Our most intensive educational programs are our certificate programs in psychoanalysis. These graduate programs of Columbia University, whether they focus on the treatment of adults, adolescents, children, or all three, feature a minimum of 4 ½ years of coursework and weekly supervision or one to ultimately several ongoing psychoanalyses conducted by the candidate.

Upon graduation, our candidates receive a Certificate in Psychoanalysis from Columbia University and become eligible for professional certification through the American Psychoanalytic Association.

Our analytic training programs are distinguished by the age groups of patients candidates are trained to treat. Our longest-standing program focuses on working with adults. Our child and adolescent and adolescent-only programs are taken in addition to adult training for those seeking to treat younger patients in analysis. And our Accelerated Child Psychoanalysis program offers psychoanalytic training in the treatment of children only for those not seeking to take adult patients into analysis.