Why Columbia?

If you are planning to study psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, you have quite a choice ahead of you. Psychoanalytic Centers are in abundant supply in New York. You will want to find one whose strengths match your interests and whose priorities best fit yours. 

We asked candidates why they chose Columbia and our faculty what was most important to them about our Center, and you can see some of their responses here:


I didn't train here, so the eclecticism and open-mindedness to various theoretical views was a very thrilling experience.

A faculty member

The single most frequent answer was the Center’s intellectual openness. As a graduate program of a major university, the Columbia Psychoanalytic Center approaches the study of psychoanalytic theory and technique according to the university model. We are neither a trade school nor a seminary. Our goal is to investigate psychoanalysis from numerous angles, teaching the broadest diversity of theoretical models in depth and encouraging our candidates to think creatively and rigorously about their work.


Columbia's analytic center has the unique position of being in a department of psychiatry with connections to many other schools of thought. To me, this opens up possibilities for cross-disciplinary investigation and expansion of psychoanalytic ideas - the great thing about intellectual and academic life.

A candidate

The second most frequent answer was the Center’s commitment to advancing knowledge through research and scholarship. As an integral part of one of the country’s leading departments of psychiatry, our faculty pursue research on the leading edge psychoanalytic science. Current projects include a multicenter national outcome trial comparing psychoanalytic treatment with other forms of psychotherapy as well as the use of MRI scanning to demonstrate structural change in analytic patients.


For me, it was particularly the strength and brilliance of the faculty. As a psychologist, I loved the cross-pollination between the minds of MDs and PhDs. These are two very different kinds of trainings, and they attract different kinds of people. But when they come together in their love of psychoanalysis, the interplay is wonderfully stimulating.

A faculty member

The commitment of the faculty is astonishing. It is very impressive to see people of the stature that characterize our faculty donating such extensive time and energy to the education of the trainees.

A candidate

Next, our members cited the high level of intellectual achievement among our faculty members and the strength of their commitment to teaching.


I feel that every individual candidate's opinions are taken seriously.

A candidate

High likelihood of graduation preceding death.

A candidate

Our candidates cited the Center’s commitment to helping them advance rapidly in their careers. Candidates are helped to progress to graduation rapidly and immediately begin their involvement in the teaching activities of the Center. 


One of the (many) things I like about Columbia Psa is that, aside from all its professional distinctions, it's a happy group of people who genuinely like each other. This trait is most visible at our dinners, where the staff always have a hard time getting people to move to the tables since everyone is having so much fun enjoying each other's company that we'd rather talk than eat. I think that says something very good about this community.

A faculty member

Finally, most of our respondents made a special note of the warm and friendly atmosphere of our community. 

These are the Columbia Psychoanalytic Center’s strengths. If they suit your interests, we hope you will join us!