Center Committees

Much of the daily work of the Center is accomplished by the Executive Committee and its many subcommittees. Each Committee Chair is appointed by the incoming Director of the Center to serve a five-year term (the Director him or herself chairs the Executive Committee and the Long Range Strategy Committee). Committee Chairs then choose their committee members, with the exception of candidate members who are chosen the Candidates Organization.
If you are interested in becoming a member of a Committee or in finding out about the work of the Committee, please contact the Committee Chair. 

Admissions Committee

The Admissions Committee works closely with the Recruitment committee to identify potential applicants to the Center's training programs.  The committee arranges informational interviews for people considering applying to a training program, and conducts the admissions process for psychoanalytic candidates. The committee chair is available to consult with interested prospective applicants

Each applicant for analytic training is interviewed individually by 3 members of the committee, including the committee chair.

Committee Members

  • Jill Jacobson, MD, Chair
  • Pamela Meersand, PhD
  • Juliette Meyer, PhD
  • Jill Jacobson, MD
  • Ted Kenny, MD
  • Jules Kerman, MD, PhD

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee meets as necessary to propose  recipients for the many awards and honors that the Center bestows annually. Proposals are made to the Executive Committee for final approval.

Committee Members

  • Elizabeth Auchincloss, MD, Chair
  • Ray Bernick, MD
  • Steven Roose, MD
  • Nathan Kravis, MD
  • Pamela Meersand, PhD
  • Holly Schneier, MD

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee oversees the didactic teaching of candidates. This includes outlining the core curriculum, making teaching appointments,  reviewing course and faculty evaluations, responding to changing educational needs with curricular innovations, and collaborating with the Faculty Advancement Committee on faculty development. Feedback from candidates and faculty ensures that the curriculum is responsive to their changing needs and interests. The Curriculum Committee meets on a regular basis.

Committee Members

  • Sandra Park, MD - Co-Chair
  • Holly Schneier, MD - Co-Chair
  • David Gutman, MD - Co-Chair
  • Brenda Berger
  • Lisa Berman
  • David Gutman
  • Deena Harris
  • Andreas Kraebber
  • David Lindy
  • Jillian Stile

Evaluation Service - Case Intake Committee

The Case Intake Committee conducts a phone screening of all patients who express interest in analytic treatment through our online application and makes appropriate referrals either for psychoanalysis with one of our candidates or to other treatment settings as clinically indicated. The service also maintains documentation about which patients begin psychoanalytic treatment with a candidate in addition to informed consent paperwork.

Our Mission

  • To provide initial screening clinical evaluations of patients who request psychoanalytic treatment via online application
  • To refer patients for whom psychoanalysis may be appropriate to a candidate for a comprehensive, in-person clinical consultation and evaluation.
  • To make appropriate referrals for any patient for whom psychoanalysis is not an optimal treatment at the time of application
  • Outreach to potential referral sources and patients about psychoanalysis, raising awareness amongst referral sources and potential patients who may benefit from this treatment but may be unfamiliar with psychoanalysis or the treatment resources at the Center.

Recent Achievements

  • Continued clinical excellence of all screening and referral practices
  • Development of online application for patients interested in psychoanalytic treatment
  • Updates to policies and procedures, as well as streamlining required paperwork
  • Community outreach with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion

Committee Members

  • Abby Mulkeen, MD, Co-Chair
  • Maya Stowe, MD, Co-Chair

Executive Committee

All of the academic and policy functions of the Center, from curriculum development to patient selection and candidate admissions are carried out by members of the executive committee. The committee is the governing body of the Center and includes the program director and associate directors, division directors, committee chairs, and faculty representatives. The candidates have their own liaison to the Executive Committee who is present at each meeting to communicate their interests and concerns. The Executive Committee has final approval for selection of incoming candidates and graduation of candidates.

Committee Chairs And Executive Committee Members 2022-23


  • Justin Richardson, MD

Senior Associate Director                                 

  • TBD


  • Centerworks: Organization, Community, and Programming Innovation                   
    • Sabrina Cherry, MD
    • Jane Halperin, PhD
  • Curriculum                                                     
    • Holly Schneier, MD                                                   
    • Sandra Park, MD
    • David Gutman, MD
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)                 
    • Sandra Park, MD, Co-chair                                                                     
    • Shirin Ali, MD, Co-chair                                                                     
    • Aerin Hyun, MD, PhD, Co-chair
  • Evaluation and Treatment                                
    • Emily Gastelum, MD
  • Faculty Advancement (formerly TSA)                
    • Ruth Graver, MD                                                                   
    • Sharone Ornstein, MD
  • Faculty Development                                       
    • Deborah Cabaniss, MD
  • Fellowship                                                      
    • Daniel Chrzanowski, MD                                                                
    • Jillian Stile, PhD
  • Public Outreach                                              
    • Brenda Berger, PhD                                                                  
    • Susan Scheftel, PhD
  • Recruitment/Admissions                                  
    • Jill Jacobson, MD (Admissions)
  • Research                                                       
    • Steven Roose, MD                                                                   
    • Tiziano Colibazzi, MD
  • Training (formerly Progression)                       
    • Justin Richardson, MD


  • Candidate Reps                                               
    • Jay Crosby, PhD                                                               
    • Dina Abell, MD, Candidate Liaison
  • Faculty Reps                                                   
    • Natasha Chriss, MD                                               
    • Jonathan House, MD                                                                  
    • Alicia Rojas, MD
  • APM                                                               
    • Andreas Kraebber, MD

Division Heads

  • Psychotherapy                                                
    • Eve Caligor, MD
    • Anna R. Schwartz, MD
  • Psychology                                                     
    • Alison Brown, PhD
  • Child                                                              
    • Pamela Meersand, PhD       

Program Representatives

  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program            
    • Anand Desai, MD, Co-Director                                                            
    • Michele Rosenberg, MD, Co-Director
    • Abigail Hawkins, MD, Associate Director

Faculty Advancement Committee

Mission: The main purpose of the Faculty Advancement Committee is to guide and oversee the development of the Center's training and supervising analysts.


  • To arrange for the development and appointment of training and supervising analysts
  • To make recommendations regarding appointment to the Executive Committee of the Psychoanalytic Center for its approval.
  • To foster the ongoing professional development of the Center's training and supervising analysts
  • To coordinate the matching of trainees with supervisors

Committee Members

  • Bob Glick MD, Co-Chair
  • Gloria Stern MD, Co-Chair

Faculty Development Committee

The faculty development committee has two major roles:

  • Mentoring faculty and coordinating the process related to
    • academic promotion at Columbia and
    • faculty membership at the Psychoanalytic Center
  • Providing faculty development opportunities for candidates and faculty at the Center

We are available for consultation for all faculty regarding Columbia promotions and Center appointments, and we are open to ideas for faculty development opportunities. 

Committee Members

  • Deborah Cabaniss, MD, Chair

Fellowship Committee

The Fellowship Committee oversees the annual selection of fellows for the Fellowship in Psychoanalysis.
The Fellowship Committee also organizes the fellowship, including the "Great Ideas in Psychoanalysis" series and the assignment of mentors.

Committee Members

Recruitment Committee

The Recruitment Committee of the Columbia Psychoanalytic Center is responsible for recruiting potential applicants for our various programs: Psychoanalytic Training program; Psychoanalytic Fellowship; TFP (Transference Focused Psychotherapy) training program; Parent Infant program; and Adult and Child Psychodynamic Psychotherapy programs. 

This is done through organizing and hosting the monthly “Why Psychoanalysis” seminars; planning and hosting the annual Open House; through direct outreach and follow-up with potential “high yield” prospects (e.g., former externs who might have an interest in further training opportunities, and supervisees of Columbia faculty members who seem like good potential candidates), and through flyers handed out throughout the year at various psychoanalytic events (e.g., APM meetings, at the APSAA annual meetings, etc.).

Committee Members

  • Ariela Berman, MD - Co-Chair
  • Ken Pound, PsyD - Co-Chair
  • Rich Angle, PhD, Member

Research Committee

The Research Committee meets weekly to formulate new research projects, review ongoing projects, and to provide research mentorship for investigators at all levels. The Committee consists of training analysts, graduate analysts, psychoanalytic candidates, psychiatric residents, and other trainees (such as psychology PhD candidates and medical students). Many members of the Committee have obtained research funding from the NIMH, the International Psychoanalytic Association, and the American Psychoanalytic Association. Participation in the Research Committee is open to all.

Committee Members

  • Tiziano Colibazzi, MD  - Chair

Training Committee

The Training Committee, under the leadership of the Chair of Training, Justin Richardson, MD, consists of the Chairs of the principal committees that administer the psychoanalytic training programs at the Center. Those committees are Curriculum, Evaluation and Treatment, Faculty Advancement, Faculty Development, and the Mentor Program, as well as the Candidate Coordinator.

The Training Committee's purposes are two-fold:

  1. To serve as a forum for Committee Chairs to work collaboratively in crafting and executing educational policy
  2. To address issues of concern brought forward by faculty and students in regards to problems in teaching, learning, professional and ethical conduct, and other matters involving the policies and procedures of the Center

Committee Members

  • Justin Richardson, MD, Chair -
  • Dina Abell - Candidate Coordinator
  • Deborah Cabaniss - Chair, Faculty Development
  • Anand Desai and Emily Gastelum - Co-Chairs, Referral Service
  • Robert Glick and Gloria Stern - Co-Chairs, Faculty Advancement
  • Jane Halperin - Chair, Mentor Program
  • Sandra Park and Holly Schneier - Co-Chairs, Curriculum Committee