Adult Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

The Adult Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program is a two-year clinical training program in the theory and technique of psychodynamic psychotherapy. It provides advanced instruction and supervision in psychodynamic psychotherapy by members of our psychoanalytic faculty chosen for their superior teaching ability. This program is an ideal fit for any clinician, whether early, mid, or late career, who wants to deepen their knowledge and hone their skills as a psychotherapist in an intimate learning environment. Our program is a wonderful opportunity to make meaningful relationships and receive professional mentorship from highly experienced and diverse faculty.


Our program has two parts: weekly seminars and individual supervision. In seminars, our students are exposed to diverse psychoanalytic models of thought, psychodynamic techniques, and applied forms of treatment. Class formats combine discussion of readings from psychoanalytic and psychodynamic literature with the presentation of clinical material by instructors and students. We pair each student with an experienced faculty member for weekly supervision. We encourage students to see the patients they present in supervision two or three times per week when appropriate; however, this is not required.


Seminars are held from 7:30 - 9:00 on Monday nights and take place entirely on Zoom. 

Supervisory sessions are 45 minutes long and are scheduled at the mutual convenience of the supervisor and supervisee. Supervision can take place on Zoom or in-person, at the mutual convenance of the trainee and supervisor.


The fee for the program is $4120 per year, which is payable in two installments. Students also have the option of arranging for a second supervisor for an additional fee of $1,854 per year. This program does not qualify for the Columbia University Tuition Exemption Program.

Please review the Psychotherapy Division's Refund and Cancellation Policy


Applications are accepted from psychiatrists, PhDs, PsyDs, Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners. All applicants must be licensed and have malpractice insurance. Applications for the academic year beginning in September should be submitted no later than May 15.

Applications are currently being accepted for the 2024-25 academic year.

Adult Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program Application Form

With your application, you will be expected to upload a copy of your CV and include documentation of current licensure and adequate malpractice coverage. In addition, we require a letter of recommendation from the director of your professional training program and one additional letter from a previous psychotherapy supervisor. Please ask each of these references to send a letter supporting your application to the Psychoanalytic Center via email to

When your application is complete, you will be interviewed by a member of the Psychotherapy Division.

For more information or to discuss your application, please contact the program chairs: