In addition to following the curriculum of the Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis program, enrolled candidates will also take on the supervised analyses of child and adolescent patients in addition to their adult cases in order to qualify for certification.

Supervised child and adolescent analytic treatments may be begun begin by those currently in adult training as early as the second term of their first year, with faculty approval. Those who have already completed their adult training may begin supervised clinical work at any time.


For child and adolescent candidates, analytic treatment of a minimum of three supervised cases (preferably including both genders and spanning the developmental period) is required. Adolescent-only candidates will treat a minimum of two cases in psychoanalysis. These case requirements are added to those required for adult training, with one exception: the supervised analysis of any patient age 16 or older can be counted toward the case requirement of both the adult and child training.

Supervision is also provided for case evaluations (assessments of analyzability).