Advising and Mentorship

One of our goals at the Center is for each of our trainees to develop a relationship with a more senior member of our community who can provide advice, support, and practical assistance in the development of our trainee's professional life.

Orientation and Training Mentors

To promote those relationship, we began in 2017 to match each psychoanalytic trainee with a faculty Mentor. First-year candidates are assigned anĀ Orientation Mentor with whom they will meet informally over the course of the first year only. At the end of that year, candidates will be asked to identify a different faculty member with whom they would like to work for the remaining years of their training, the Training Mentor. We make every effort to match a candidate with a mentor of their choice.

A Private Resource

We hope you will look to your Mentor for support, guidance, career development resources, and advocacy. Anything you share with your Mentor is considered confidential. Mentors do not participate in matters involving candidate evaluation, promotion, graduation, or any other administrative matters. The ydo not report in any way to the Training Committee.

For more information, readĀ a more complete description of our program [add pdf], or contact: