Gaining and maintaining a Columbia University faculty appointment


Clinicians and scholars who volunteer their time to teach our students are eligible to receive a voluntary faculty appointment to the Columbia University Department of Psychiatry. Faculty appointments carry many benefits and are the Center's way of recognizing our teachers' invaluable contributions.


The Department of Psychiatry has established minimum requirements for those seeking an academic appointment. To qualify, Center members must either: 

  • Volunteer on average two hours weekly (or 100 hours yearly) to essential Center teaching, supervising, and/or leadership positions OR
  • Provide a service or skill to the Center's faculty and/or trainees that is needed but unavailable within the existing faculty

Those with a Columbia appointment are asked annually to:

  • Attest that they have met these obligations
  • Pay the annual fee ($1100 for the 2023-24 academic year)
  • Complete trainings and/or attestations regarding conflicts of interest, HIPAA requirements, and anti-harassment

Note that those with faculty appointments may not engage in outside activities that directly compete with the University's mission and interests or conflict with their University responsibilities. Employment by a for-profit company or a different health system is not allowed. More information about whether or not an outside activity is permissible can be found here.


Those seeking a new appointment to the Department of Psychiatry should reach out to Madrid Poultney or to the co-chairs of the Nominations, Awards, Promotions, and Appointments Committee. For an initial application to the position of Assistant Clinical Professor, you will be asked to provide a professional biography, a description of the contributions you will be making to the Center, and a CV in the required Columbia format.

Applications are accepted and processed on a rolling basis.


Center faculty members with an academic appointment to the Weill Cornell Medical College Department of Psychiatry may apply for an adjunct Columbia faculty appointment through the Center. No other joint appointments are approved. Those with academic appointments at any other institution must relinquish their appointment prior to obtaining a Columbia title.