Schedule of Speakers: APA 2023

The 2023 American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting taking place in San Francisco (and remotely) May 20-24 is fast approaching! Check out this list of Columbia-affiliated faculty presentations. Be sure to check for any updates, and use the hashtag #APAAM23 for your social media posts during the event. Registration is still open to attend virtually or in-person. We look forward to seeing you there!

APA Speakers – May 20-24

Saturday May 20

8 am-9:30am Chair: Presenter: Sherry Katz-Bearnot, M.D. (Columbia Medicine)—Bridging the Gap Through Primary Care Collaboration: Psychotherapeutic Expertise in Integrated Primary and Behavioral Health Care

8am-9:30am Chair: Maria Mirabela Bodic, M.D. (Columbia Medicine)—Am I Ready for My Patients to See Their Records? A Guide to Clinicians on Patient Centered Recovery-Oriented Documentation

10:30am-12pm Presenter: Melissa Arbuckle, M.D., Ph.D. (Columbia Medicine)—Brain-ival! Using Interactive Games to Teach Neuroscience

10:30 am-12pm Chair: Jeffrey M. Cohen, Psy.D. (Columbia Medicine)—Doing Affirmative Dialectical Behavior Therapy With LGBTQ+ People: A Live Demonstration

10:30am-12pm Chair: Michael Compton, M.D. (Columbia Medicine) Presenter: Leah Pope, Ph.D. (Columbia Medicine)—Minor Charges With Major Impacts: Misdemeanors Versus Pre-Arrest Jail Diversion for Individuals With Serious Mental Illnesses

10:30am-12pm Chair: Philip R. Muskin, M.D., M.A. (Columbia Medicine)—No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Determining Decisional Capacity for Medically Ill Patients and Getting Sued for It

1:30pm-3pm Chair: Philip R. Muskin, M.D., M.A. (Columbia Medicine) Presenter: Drew A. Ramsey, M.D. (Columbia Medicine)—You Are What You Eat, So Learn About Nutrition

3:45pm -5:15pm Chair: Maria Mirabela Bodic, M.D. (Columbia Medicine)—Detecting the Undetectable: Training Healthcare Providers in Identifying Victims of Human Trafficking

3:45pm-5:15pm Chair: David Joel Hellerstein, M.D. (Columbia Medicine)—The Couch, the Clinic and the Scanner: Changing Models of Psychiatry Over the Past 5 Decades

3:45pm-5:15pm Chair: Philip R. Muskin, M.D., M.A. (Columbia Medicine)—Amplifying Student Voices: How to Seize Leadership Opportunities Within the APA

3:45pm-5:15pm Moderator: Ron M. Winchel, M.D. (Columbia Medicine)—Approaches to Treatment Resistant OCD

Sunday May 21

8am-9:30am Moderator: Ron M. Winchel, M.D. (Columbia Medicine) Moderator: Justin Smith, M.D., M.B.A (Columbia Medicine/resident)—Treatment Resistant Depression: Definitions, Associated Factors, Available Treatment Approaches and Vistas for the Future

10:30am-12pm Presenter: Jack Drescher, M.D. (Columbia Medicine)—Evolving Controversies in Treating Gender Dysphoric Youth

10:30am-12pm Moderator: Ron M. Winchel, M.D. (Columbia Medicine)—How to Provide Gender-Affirming Mental Health Care in a Clinical Setting

1:30pm-3 pm Chair: Claire C. Holderness, M.D. (Columbia Medicine) Presenter: Laura A. Clarke, M.D. (Columbia Medicine) Presenter: Jean-Marie Alves-Bradford, M.D. (Columbia Medicine) Discussant: T. Scott Stroup, M.D., M.P.H. (Columbia Medicine)— Confident Clozapine Prescribing: Motivating Clinicians to Address Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Clozapine Utilization

1:30pm-3pm Chair: Ron M. Winchel, M.D. (Columbia Medicine)—Benzodiazepines, Prescribing and De-Prescribing: A Panel Discussion

1:30pm-5:30pm Eve Caligor, M.D. (Columbia Medicine)—Understanding Narcissistic Pathology and Its Treatment With Transference Focused Psychotherapy

3:45pm-5:15pm Moderator: A. Jacques H. Ambrose, M.D., M.P.H. (Columbia Medicine)—Pediatric Bipolar Disorder: Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment

3:45pm-5:15pm Chair: Elizabeth Fitelson, M.D. (Columbia Medicine)—Behind Closed Doors: Providing Psychiatric Treatment and Promoting Safety Remotely for Survivors of IPV

3:45pm-5:15pm Chair: Robert Michael Kertzner, M.D. (Columbia Medicine)—Dying to Tell You: How Personal Grief Shapes the Practice of Psychotherapy From the Perspective of Gay-Identified Psychiatrists

3:45pm-5:15pm Chair: Milton Leonard Wainberg, M.D. (Columbia Medicine)—Project Engage: Engaging Communities to Gain Mental Wellbeing and Equity Everywhere

Monday May 22

8am-9:30am Presenter: Stephanie Rolin, M.D. (Columbia Medicine) Presenter: Michael Compton, M.D. (Columbia Medicine) Presenter: Ilana R. Nossel, M.D. (Columbia Medicine)—Changing the Trajectory: Innovations in First-Episode Psychosis to Reduce Risk of Violence, Suicide, and Legal Involvement

8am-9:30 am Presenter: Francine Cournos, M.D. (Columbia Medicine)—Bridging the Gap: Epidemiology, Clinical Care, and Policy at the Intersection of Serious Mental Illness and HIV

8am-9:30am Chair: Erin K. Engle, Psy.D. (Columbia Medicine) Presenter: Elizabeth Fitelson, M.D. (Columbia Medicine) Presenter: Jared O'Garro-Moore, Ph.D. (Columbia Medicine)—Supporting the Helpers: A Discussion of the Role of Psychiatry and Psychology in Wellbeing Efforts for Healthcare Workers During Covid-19

8am-9:30am Moderator: Philip R. Muskin, M.D., M.A. (Columbia Medicine) Moderator: Ron M. Winchel, M.D.  (Columbia Medicine)—If You Are a Psychiatrist, You Need to Know How to Prescribe Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors: Guide for MAOIs So an Effective Treatment Option Is Not Lost

1:30pm-3pm Moderator: A. Jacques H. Ambrose, M.D., M.P.H.Priorities in Mental Health Research

1:30pm-3pm Presenter: Warren Y. K. Ng, M.D. (Columbia Medicine)—What the Clinician Needs to Know About the Personality Disorders: Aggressive, Avoidant, and Borderline

1:30pm-3pm Presenter: Edward V. Nunes, M.D. (Columbia Medicine) Presenter: Diana M. Martinez, M.D. (Columbia Medicine)—Mechanisms of Comorbidity

1:30pm-3pm Drew A. Ramsey, M.D. (Columbia Medicine)—Using Social Media to Educate, Advocate, and Empower: A Panel of Social Media Experts in Healthcare

3:45pm-5:15pm Moderator: A. Jacques H. Ambrose, M.D., M.P.H. (Columbia Medicine)—Mental Health Apps: How to Recommend and Review

3:45pm-5:15pm  Chair: Stephanie Le Melle, M.D., M.S. (Columbia Medicine) Presenter: Maria Mirabela Bodic, M.D. (Columbia Medicine)—Flipping the Power Dynamic and Learning From People With Lived Experience: The Peer Advisor Program Model?

Tuesday May 23

8am-9:30am Chair: John Caleb Markowitz, M.D. (Columbia Medicine)—Advances in Affect-Focused Psychotherapies for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

8am-9:30am Presenter: Edward V. Nunes, M.D. (Columbia Medicine)—Medical Comorbidities of AUD and OUD Patients: What You Need to Know

1:30pm-3pm Chair: Paul Appelbaum, M.D. (Columbia Medicine) Presenter: M. Katherine Shear, M.D. (Columbia Medicine) Presenter: Roberto Lewis-Fernández, M.D. (Columbia Medicine) —Adding a New Diagnosis to the DSM: How Prolonged Grief Disorder Became an Official Diagnosis

1:30pm-3pm Chair: Frances Rudnick Levin, M.D. (Columbia Medicine) Moderator: Philip R. Muskin, M.D., M.A. (Columbia Medicine)—Alcohol Use Disorder

1:30pm-3pm Presenter: Warren Y. K. Ng, M.D. (Columbia Medicine)—Sounding the Alarm for Children’s Mental Health

1:30pm-3pm Presenter: Leah Pope, Ph.D. (Columbia Medicine) Presenter: Elizabeth Ford, M.D. (Columbia Medicine)—Who Do We Care for/Who Do We Care About: Defining Mental Illness and Redefining Treatment for Individuals with Criminal-Legal Contact 

3:45pm-5:15 pm Presenter: Michael Compton, M.D. (Columbia Medicine)—The New Public Health Psychiatry: Addressing the Social Determinants of Mental Health

3:45pm-5:15pm Chair: Sapana Patel, Ph.D. (Columbia Medicine) Presenter: Iruma Bello, Ph.D. (Columbia Medicine)—Advancing Racial Equity in Early Intervention Services (EIS) for Psychosis Through Partnership with Diverse Stakeholders

Wednesday May 24

8am-9:30am Chair: Michael Compton, M.D. (Columbia Medicine)—Struggle and Solidarity: Stories of How Americans Fight for Their Mental Health Through Federal Legislation  

8am-9:30am Chair: Lisa Dixon, M.D. (Columbia Medicine) Presenter: Roberto Lewis-Fernández, M.D. (Columbia Medicine)—A Journal’s Systematic Effort to Tackle Structural Racism

8am-9:30am Moderator: Ron M. Winchel, M.D. (Columbia Medicine)—Treatment of Bipolar Depression

10:30am-12pm Presenter: Katherine Keyes, Ph.D. (Columbia Medicine), Presenter: Ofir Livne (Columbia Medicine/postdoc) Discussant: Deborah Hasin, Ph.D. (Columbia Medicine)—Changing US Trends in Alcohol, Hallucinogens, Cannabis, and in Opioid Overdoses

3:45pm-5:15pm Chair: Sherry Katz-Bearnot, M.D. (Columbia Medicine)—Creating Psychodynamic Psychiatrists

3:45pm-5:15pm Moderator: Ron M. Winchel, M.D. (Columbia Medicine)—Advances in Non-Invasive Neuromodulation: Exploring rTMS and SAINT for the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders