Scientific Steering Committee

OPAL Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) includes each of the research project leaders and the leaders of the Methods Core and its Units. The SSC oversees Center progress including the research projects, the pilot project program, training activities, and other activities to promote internal and external collaboration. This Committee formulates OPAL policies and develops plans to address problems that arise. The SSC reviews and selects pilot projects and oversees training and mentoring. The SSC conducts strategic planning with the input of the National Stakeholders Advisory Board (SAB). 

OPAL Scientific Steering Committee:

Lisa Dixon, MD, MPH, SSC chair
Scott Stroup, MD, MPH
Melanie Wall, PhD
Leopoldo Cabassa, PhD
Thomas Smith, MD
Roberto Lewis-Fernandez, MD
Alice Medalia, PhD
Mark Olfson, MD, MPH
David Kimhy, PhD
David Strauss, MD