HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral Studies

Since our founding in 1987, the HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral Studies has conducted research on HIV prevention, treatment, and care.


In 2018, the HIV Center received its seventh renewal from NIMH to provide support for HIV-related research with the following three primary aims:

  1. To catalyze intervention and implementation science research necessary to achieve the goals of "Ending the Epidemic" (EtE);
  2. To translate research into culturally and structurally competent practice and policy for maximum public health impact;
  3. To increase the capacity of current and future generations of scientists, service providers, and community and policy leaders to create and implement biomedical, behavioral, social, and structural HIV prevention and treatment interventions to meet EtE goals.


The HIV Center’s research – conducted in New York City, New York State, and countries hardest hit by the HIV/AIDS epidemic – is focused in the following major areas:

  • Optimization of Health Outcomes along the HIV Treatment Cascade
  • HIV in the context of Mental Health and Substance Use
  • HIV in the context of Sexual Minority Status
  • Behavioral Health and HIV Interventions for Vulnerable Youth and Families
  • HIV Research at the interface of the Behavioral and Biomedical Sciences
  • Multimedia, eHealth, and Information Technology for HIV Prevention and Care
  • Implementation Science and Translation to services for HIV affected populations

Visit our website for a list of our current and completed studies, and HIV Center investigator profiles.

HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral Studies