Research Opportunities

Each fellow will identify a primary mentor and build a complete mentorship team, which will work together to develop a focus of research interest, with the plan to eventually transition to an independent investigative career in addiction sciences. Fellows prepare a review of existing literature, and design and conduct an independent pilot project. Fellows will present original research at meetings and develop grant proposals for submission. The New York State Psychiatric Institute is one of the largest recipients of NIH and NIDA funded research projects. Within our Division, areas under investigation include:

  • Basic neurobiology of substances of abuse, genetics, behavioral pharmacology, neuroimaging, animal models
  • Development of novel medication and psychotherapeutic treatment of substance use disorders
  • Biomarkers development and predictive modeling of substance use disorders
  • Epidemiology and special populations
  • Implementation science for addiction treatment and patient-centered public policy research

The Division also has resources to establish collaborative relationships across the entire university community, and has close existing relationships with Departments of Biostatistics, Neuroscience, Epidemiology and Psychology. The fellow can also work with a number of research sites, including a human pharmacology laboratory (SURC), a residential inpatient unit (NYSPI-5S), and an outpatient research clinic (STARS).