The faculty in the Division on Substance Use Disorders work closely with the General Adult Residency Program at Columbia University/New York State Psychiatry Institute in order to provide high-quality training on substance use disorders to residents in order to fulfill their ACGME requirements and prepare them for a future in competently treating substance use disorders. Training includes supervising residents on their inpatient and outpatient Addiction Psychiatry cases, as well as a comprehensive curriculum to residents across their training of basic pharmacology, neurobiology and treatment of substance use disorders. All residents also receive training and waiver in buprenorphine training for the treatment of opioid use disorders. Residents who are interested in research on substance use disorders are provided opportunities to engage in specialized projects with faculty in the Division on Substance Use Disorders, and are encouraged to apply to the our ACGME and T32 Fellowship in Addiction Psychiatry. Opportunities to engage in clinical training and research are also available to select and competitive residents from programs outside of Columbia.