Treatment Initiatives

The Substance Treatment and Research Service (STARS) of Columbia University Medical Center is the primary site for clinical research on treatments for substance use disorders within the Division. Faculty at STARS conduct cutting-edge clinical research testing potential new treatments. The main focus of STARS research is the development of addiction pharmacotherapy, but behavioral interventions and neuroimaging techniques are studied as well. Treatment of co-occurring psychiatric disorders, such as Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and mood disorders, have been a specialized focus of medication treatment development. The source of funding for most clinical trials conducted at STARS is the National Institute of Health, with the balance from private foundations or industry. Studies conducted at STARS have advanced the both the science and clinical application of medication treatment for substance use disorders.

STARS is located in midtown Manhattan convenient to public transportation from throughout the New York Metropolitan region. The clinic space is configured with individual psychotherapy offices, subject testing rooms, and medical examination facilities. The clinical staff is comprised of psychiatrists, consulting internists and cardiologists, doctoral-level psychologists, master-level therapists, and nurse practitioners. The support staff is comprised of research assistants and data management personnel. STARS operates approximately forty-five hours per week and has evening hours available for patient convenience.


Participating in a Study

If you are interested in participating in a research study at STARS, please call us.

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