Overview of SCID-5 Training Materials


SCID-5 Reference Interviews (Video)

A series of SCID-5 Reference Interviews featuring various diagnostic presentations have been digitally recorded. These SCID-5 Reference Interviews, which are available selectively for the SCID-5-RV, SCID-5-CV, SCID-5-CT and SCID-5-PD are accompanied by expertly done reference ratings and commentaries. The reference ratings and commentaries have been designed as tools for training and calibration. Each of these Interview Titles is available for purchase in an Online Video Streaming or DVD format. Visit the SCID-5 Training Media page, to order SCID-5 Reference Interviews.



Unlimited Online Video Streaming or DVD?

Each of the SCID-5 Interview Titles is available for purchase in an Online Video Streaming or DVD format.

NOTE: All purchase transactions are final and are not interchangeable. Please read the following information and make your selection carefully. You must decide on the format of the digital content:

Unlimited Online Video Streaming, $200 per Interview Title

To Watch Instantly select the Online Video Streaming option offered through Vimeo, a digital content provider.  This option provides unlimited online access of selected titles to a single user.  The digital content is not downloadable.  If this option is chosen, a Vimeo account must be set up with the intended end user's login credentials. Visit to order the SCID-5 Training Materials in Unlimited Online Video Streaming format.



DVD Format, $300 per Interview Title, cost includes shipping and handling

To purchase the DVD Only format, you must allow approximately 2-3 weeks after purchase verification for shipping. A non-post-office box address must be provided.

NOTE: The DVD digital content may not be replicated or uploaded for institution-wide use.

 Visit to order the SCID-5 Training Materials in DVD only format.

How do I know which SCID-5 version to purchase the Title Interview(s) in?

Many of the SCID-5 Interviews were created using different SCID-5 versions (Research, Clinician, Clinical Trials and Personality Disorders). Be sure to select the Interview Title(s) in the SCID-5 version best suited to your needs. Visit SCID-5 Order Information to obtain details explaining the different characteristics of each SCID-5 version.

How do I know which Interview Title(s) to select?

Once the SCID-5 version(s) best suited to your needs has been decided upon, you will need to select the Interview Title(s) to be purchased. Each Interview Title has been recorded with different major diagnostic areas of coverage. If the primary goal is to learn how to administer the SCID-5, you may consider ordering several different Interview Titles featuring different diagnostic presentations. Otherwise, you will want to choose the major diagnostic area of research/clinical interest. Visit the SCID-5 Interview Title diagnostic coverage page to see the major diagnoses featured by title. You can also watch a trailer of each Interview on Vimeo.

To order the unlimited online streaming format through Vimeo only.

To order the DVD format only

*** SCID-5-101 RV Didactic Webinar -- AVAILABLE NOW!

The SCID-5-101 RESEARCH VERSION Didactic Webinar is a 8+ hour web-based training course that combines lecture with digitally rendered clinical examples.

INDIVIDUAL LICENSE -- $1,500 30-DAY ACCESS -- streaming on Vimeo now:      https://vimeo.com/ondemand/forusebyindividuals

INSTITUTIONAL LICENSE --  $4,000 30-DAY ACCESS -- contact ker2152@cumc.columbia.edu for ordering details

CLINICAL TRIALS LICENSE --  $6,000 30-DAY ACCESS -- contact ker2152@cumc.columbia.edu for ordering details

IN COMBINATION WITH IN-PERSON/ZOOM TRAINING -- $2,000 30-DAY ACCESS -- contact ker2152@cumc.columbia.edu for ordering details


***SPRING 2024 UPDATE: SCID-5-101 Knowledge Examination

A web-based SCID-5 knowledge examination that uses multiple choice questions to test users' knowledge of SCID-5 conventions.

Please send an email to scid-admin@cumc.columbia.edu in order to receive updates when this tool becomes available.