Order Information for SCID-5 Instruments

All versions of the SCID-5 are available exclusively through the American Psychiatric Association Publishing (APAP).

Three different versions of the SCID-5 are available for diagnosing the major DSM-5 diagnoses; two SCID-5 versions are available to assess DSM-5 personality disorders.

SCID-5-RV (Research Version) – available for licensing only by APAP and is provided as either non-modifiable PDF files or modifiable Microsoft Word documents. Users must submit a permission request to the APAP to license the SCID-5-RV and the accompanying SCID-5-RV Users’ Guide. Visit APAP, to order the SCID-5-RV.

SCID-5-CV (Clinician Version) – published as a bound booklet and is an abridged and reformatted version of the Research Version. SCID-5-CV and SCID-5-CV Users’ Guide are sold as a set. Visit APAP, to order the SCID-5-CV.

SCID-5-CT (Clinical Trials Version) - is an adaptation of the SCID-5-RV that has been reformatted, streamlined, and optimized for use in clinical trials of selected disorders that incorporate typical inclusion and exclusion criteria. The two options available include a standard template, or for an additional customization fee, the SCID-5-CT can be uniquely tailored to conform to the specific diagnostic inclusion and exclusion criteria of a protocol. SCID-5-CT templates are currently available for Major Depressive Disorder, Single Episode, Recurrent Major Depressive Disorder, Bipolar I Disorder, Acute Mania, Bipolar I or II Disorder, currently depressed, Schizophrenia, Schizophrenia/Schizophreniform/Schizoaffective Disorder, ADHD, and Excluded Disorders.

Users must submit a permission request to the APAP to license the SCID-5-CT and SCID-5-CT Users’ Guide. Visit to order the SCID-5-CT. After the license has been granted and paid to APAP, SCID-5-CT customization requests may be initiated by visiting the page.

SCID-5-PD (Personality Disorders) - is used to evaluate the 10 DSM-5 Personality Disorders. The SCID-5-PD which includes an optional self-report patient questionnaire (SCID-5-SPQ) is sold as a booklet.

SCID-5-AMPD (Alternative Model for Personality Disorders) - is a semi-structured diagnostic interview that guides assessment of the components of the DSM-5 Alternative Model for Personality Disorders, which provides dimensional and categorical approaches to personality disorder diagnosis. Module I assesses the Level of Personality Functioning Scale, Module II assesses the pathological trait component, and Module III as the categorical component. These three modules are sold individually or as a set.

To learn more about these SCID-5 products, visit the American Psychiatric Association Publishing.