Preschool Anxiety Study

Research Study Purpose

This study aims to help us learn whether a camp-like group intervention, using either structured games or child-led play, may lower anxiety in preschool-age children. Children ages 4.0-5.99 may be eligible to participate.

Who Is Eligible to Participate?

  • Age (years) is between 4.0 and 5.99
  • Worries, fears, or anxieties are bothersome and/or interfere (e.g., school reluctance/avoidance or low performance, fear of sleeping alone, extreme shyness, reluctance to use the bathroom).
  • Note: Anxiety does not have to be previously diagnosed. Your child may be eligible even without a formal “disorder.”

Study Procedures

Families with eligible children ages 4.0-5.99 will be asked to complete one of two research opportunities. One group of children will be assigned to a structured games camp. Another group of children will be assigned to a child-led playgroup camp. Both groups of children will complete 5 half-days of camp during late afternoon weekdays and/or weekend mornings (in-person).

All participants will additionally be asked to complete pre- and post-camp visits with research staff. Parents will complete a clinical assessment about their child (remote). Children will complete an EEG (to measure brain activity in a non-invasive way) and complete several game-like activities with a study team member (in-person). Parents will complete questionnaires about themselves and their child (remote).  


Participants will receive up to $275 in total compensation ($200 for completing pre- and post- study visits and $75 for camp). Payments are pro-rated based on the completion of study events.

Interested in Learning More?

Please contact our study team at (646) 774-5632 or visit RecruitMe.