MAPS Study

Mobile Assessment for the Prediction of Suicide (MAPS)

Study Purpose

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among adolescents, however, little is known about factors that increase risk for suicide. Recent advancements, however, may allow us to detect suicidal thoughts and behaviors in real time by monitoring teens’ smartphone use.

What Does the Study Involve for Adolescents?

  • Complete 4 assessments over the course of the study.
  • Install the Effortless Assessment of Risk States (EARS) app. The EARS app passively collects data about smartphone use. Data will be collected for 6-months.
  • Complete 3-question survey sent through push notifications to one's phone once a week.

Who Is Eligible to Participate?

Inclusion criteria for teens:

  • English-speaking
  • Aged of 13-18 years
  • Presence of mood, anxiety, and/or substance (drug or alcohol) symptoms
  • Android phone or iPhone


Teens may receive compensation of up to $625 for their participation in the study. 

Interested in Learning More?

Please contact Kira Alqueza for more information.

Phone: (646) 774-7834