Current Research Studies

  • Preschool Anxiety Study
    Principal Investigator: Kate Fitzgerald, MD. This study aims to understand if “Camp Kidpower,” a training using either structured games or child-led play, lowers anxiety in 4.0 to 5.99-year-old children. Before and after Camp Kidpower, we will assess child anxiety as well as EEG (electroencephalogram) and behavioral markers of children’s ability to self-regulate.
  • PTSD Treatment Study
    Principal Investigator: Shayne Ragbeer, PhD. We aim to investigate the use of Interpersonal Psychotherapy for adolescents suffering from PTSD or elevated PTSD symptoms.
  • OCD Treatment Study
    Principal Investigator: Rachel, Marsh, PhD. This study aims to understand the way the brain functions for youth with OCD by assessing brain changes following treatment with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).
  • Teen Anorexia Study
    Principal Investigator: Deborah Glasofer, PhD.We have a new opportunity to learn how the brain changes over time in teens (14-18 years old) with anorexia nervosa. In addition to inpatient treatment aimed at full weight restoration, we are now able to offer outpatient (family or individual) and day treatment options.