PTSD Research and Treatment Program

Columbia University’s PTSD Research and Treatment Program is committed to improving the lives of civilians and military veterans exposed to trauma via translation research and innovative treatments.


1. Advancing cutting-edge research on the neurobiological mechanisms of PTSD and resilience by using advanced brain-imaging methods

2. Developing neuroscience-informed treatments for individuals with PTSD

3. Developing and disseminating innovative trauma care in low and middle income countries

4. Advancing research of extreme traumatic events including disasters, terrorism, and wars

5. Researching and treating mental health problems affecting US servicemembers and their families as part of the NYP-Military Family and Wellness Center

Treatment for Service Members

We are proud to offer US service members and their family members mental health treatment free of charge. This program is generously funded by a grant from the New York Presbyterian Hospital (NYP) and by a grant from the Bob Woodruff Foundation, which is dedicated to ensuring that impacted post-9/11 service members, veterans, their families, and their caregivers thrive long after they return home. For more information, contact our Program Coordinator Aliza Naiman or call 646-774-8104.



Principal Investigators