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Fear and Reward Processing in PTSD: Diagnostic and Treatment Implications

Click here to watch Dr. Neria's Grand Rounds presentation at New York State Psychiatric Institute.

"In Conversation With Professors Lisa Dixon and Yuval Neria, Leads of Columbia University’s Digital Mental Health Care for COVID-19 High-Risk Populations Project"

Read the interview with Dr. Neria and Dr. Dixon about our work with COVID-19 high-risk populations here.

"Health Care Workers More Open to Therapy After Watching Short Video About Its Benefits"

Read the feature from the American Psychiatric Association's Psychiatric News Alert about one of our team's latest projects here.

"On PTSD Awareness Day, Important Help for Veterans, Military Service Members in Search of Better Sleep"

Read the full article, featuring Dr. Neria, here.

"Why Do You Have PTSD?": Dr. Neria's Interview with Psych Hub

Watch the full clip here.

"A Private War: Why PTSD Is Still Overlooked"

Read the full New York Times article, featuring Dr. Neria, here.

"How 1 Veteran Helps Other Vets and His Community with Mental Health"

Watch Good Morning America honor PTSD team member Matt Ryba on Veteran's Day 2021.

"Can Horses Help Veterans with PTSD?": Man O' War Featured in NYP Health Matters

Read the full article here.

"Remembering 9/11 and What We’ve Learned About Its Impact on Mental Health"

Read an interview with Dr. Neria on the 20th anniversary of 9/11.


Man O' War Project Featured on WNBC-TV 

"Through the Man O' War Project, we achieved things that nobody else was able to do before,” Man O' War Project Featured in Thoroughbred Daily News

Read the full article on TDN

Dr. Neria Interview with NY1 on Re-entry Anxiety after COVID-19

Watch the full clip on NY1

Matt Ryba Interview on the Racing For Heroes Radio Show Highlighting the Work of our Military Clinic and the Equine Study

Watch the full clip on the Racing For Heroes Youtube Channel 

Dr. Amsalem's Work on Reducing Stigma Toward Individuals With Schizophrenia Featured in Schizophrenia Bulletin Editorial

Read the full editorial on Oxford Academic

Dr. Neria Interview on 60 Minutes about the COVID-19 Pandemic

Watch the full clip on  60 Minutes on CBS

"The Scale of this Outbreak as a Traumatic Event is Almost Beyond Comprehension," Dr. Neria Quoted on CNBC about the COVID-19 Pandemic

Read the article on CNBC

Dr. Neria Cited on Sun News about the COVID-19 Pandemic and First Responder PTSD

Read the article on the Sun News Report

"We Don't Have a Good Way Really to Capture and Quantify the Threat and Capture its Scope, Which Makes People Extremely Anxious," Dr. Neria Quoted on ABC News about the COVID-19 Pandemic

Read the article on ABC News

"Viruses have Their Own Way to Inflict Adversities on Us. The Threat is Ambiguous. (It) is Everywhere and Nowhere," Dr. Neria interviewed on US News about the COVID-19 Pandemic

Read the article on US News

"There are Parallels Between the Mental Health Impact of COVID-19 and What was Seen During African Ebola Outbreaks," Dr. Neria Quoted on SciDevNet about the COVID-19 Pandemic

Read the article on SciDevNet

“Before We Talk About Treatments, Let’s Help People be Comfortable with Seeking Out Care,” Dr. Amsalem's Research on Reducing Stigma Featured on The Psychiatry Online

Read the article on The Psychiatry Online

PTSD and Police Violence: A Conversation with Dr. Suarez-Jimenez

Read the interview on Columbia Psychiatry

2020 Newman's Own Awards: Dr. Neria's Remarks about the Award

Watch the Awards Show on Military Times

Dr. Neria in Conversation with Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman about Military Mental Health on "Shrink Speak"

Listen to the podcast episode on


Dr. Neria on The Neural Signatures of Trauma and PTSD: Treatment and Diagnostic Implications






Columbia Psychiatry PTSD and Trauma Research and Treatment Panel Discussion





"The Brain with PTSD Shows Deficits in Fear Processing and Fear Expression:" Dr Neria Presents at Stand For The Troops Roundtable





Dr. Neria and Dr. Fisher Discuss the Man O' War Project, PTSD, Equine-Assisted Therapy, and Veteran's Day




Dr. Neria and Dr. Fisher on NY Viewpoint: "[Man O' War Project] is a Unique Opportunity to See if Horses Can Address the Fear Systems in the Brain in a Way that is Beneficial to Veterans"

Watch the clip on

The NYP Military Family Wellness Center and Intrepid Museum Present: Your Brain on the Military: Understanding Psychological Changes after Military Service

On Friday, June 8th, the Intrepid Museum and New-York Presbyterian Military Family Wellness Center welcomed current and former military service members and their family and friends for an afternoon exploring the links between military service and the brain. Hear from researchers and veterans as they unravel myths and realities about the military and mental health.







Inside NYP: Dr. Yuval Neria

"The war changed my life in so many ways. It was a tragic event and I lost my best friends, but the experience also contributed to the way I look at my life" says Dr. Neria in an article describing how wartime experiences shaped his life's work. 





Event Held ahead of Fleet Week and Upcoming Anniversary of NewYork-Presbyterian Military Family Wellness Center

Dr. Colleen Becket-Davenport of the NewYork-Presbyterian Military Family Wellness Center, and Matthew Ryba, the Center’s Outreach and Education Coordinator conducted a Mental Heath Training event this morning for the staff of the USS Intrepid Museum ahead of Fleet Week and their upcoming 75th Anniversary: Busting Veteran and Mental Health Myths.








Dr. Neria Featured in Article Debating the Honorable Discharge of Service Members with PTSD

“Both PTSD and depression and other anxiety disorders result in inability to carry on military demands,” Yuval Neria told The Daily Caller News Foundation in an interview. “So, it is really unfair to give those people dishonorable discharge because it’s not really their fault. If they had mental health problems, including PTSD, they were the result of military experience and to punish them for those problems is really unnecessary and unfair.” 






Columbia PTSD Research Cited in Article on the Psychological Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

"A large body of research conducted after disasters in the past decades suggests that the burden of PTSD among persons who were exposed to disasters is significant," a research team led by psychiatrist Yuval Neria of Columbia University Medical Center wrote in 2008." 








Dr. Neria Interviewed in L.A. Times Article on the Aftermath of the Las Vegas Shooting

"The lack of explanation here is bothering us on an almost existential level," said psychologist Yuval Neria, an expert on post-traumatic stress disorder at Columbia University in New York. It's an anguish Neria says he has heard in his lab and in his clinical practice, from people who have followed the unfolding horrors from afar and from those with direct ties to the shooting." 







Dr. Neria Cited in Article on the Psychological Effects of Terrorism

"There is a trade-off when you have a society that becomes accustomed to the idea that there will be terrorism and there’s nothing they can do to stop it,” said Yuval Neria, an Israeli psychologist who is now a professor at Columbia University Medical Center." 









Dr. Neria Quoted in WebMD Article on the Mental Toll of Disasters

"Experts notice a pattern of mental health symptoms after disasters, says Yuval Neria, PhD, professor of medical psychology and director of the PTSD treatment and research program at Columbia University Medical Center. "Usually what we see first is the anxiety, fear, the difficulty in concentrating and functioning," he says." 







A Firmer Footing For Retired Horses and Veterans

Blood Horse

August 17, 2017

"We talked to a lot of people who have experience with equine therapy to put something together that looked like what was being done in the field but was more specific and standardized," Fisher said. "It is still an experiential treatment but within a larger structure." The program uses a team approach that includes a mental health professional, an equine specialist, and an experienced "wrangler" to provide extra safety."

Equine Therapy Featured in the Miami Herald

At the outset, "Both the horses and the vets kind of exhibit or even suffer from the same fear circuit-based behavior. They are both fearful, initially, they are both apprehensive, initially, they avoid being together initially, and over time they develop the ability to be together." 







Dr. Neria's Video Interview on Equine Therapy

"There is a "dialogue," Neria said, as the horse mirrors the patient's mood or emotional state, leading the patient to greater self-awareness and self-control."








The Week Features Our Equine Therapy for the Treatment of PTSD

"Neria says about 50 percent of veterans don't even apply to be treated for PTSD. Others who do seek treatment are often not helped by current therapies and medication." 






The Washington Post Discusses Equine Therapy with Dr. Neria and the Team

“The veterans feel that the horses are mirroring what they feel,” said Yuval Neria, a medical psychology professor at Columbia and the study’s other director."








One Year Anniversary Celebration for the Military Family Wellness Center

Thank you to all who attended our one year anniversary celebration for the New York Presbyterian Military Family Wellness Center! It was truly an honor to see so many people in attendance.





Team member Matthew Ryba speaks to Ram Vets about Opportunities at Our Program

Fordham Veteran Alumnus Matthew Ryba, USMC Veteran OIF/OEF, Military Family Wellness Center, Outreach and Education Coordinator at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center talks to Ram Vets at the weekly meeting. NYP offers a variety of free veteran services and paid research study opportunities for active duty, veterans and military family members.