Work/Life at CUMC

From June 19 through Sept. 1, faculty and staff can now schedule consultations with the Office of Work/Life specialists in dedicated office space within CUMC HR at 650 W. 168th St. in the Black Building, Room 101.  

As always, consultations are also available at 516 W. 112th St. on the Morningside campus or at other locations convenient to your faculty or staff. 

Faculty and staff may reach out to the following individuals to schedule a consultation:


Alice Lesman, Director of the Housing Information and Referral Service or 212-851-9182


Marcia Roesch, Director of the School and Child Care Search Service or 212-851-9183 (K-12 education)


Carolyn Sachs Singer, Associate Director of the School and Child Care Search Service or 212-851-9184 (early education and child care)


The Office of Work/Life promotes the University's commitment to a working and learning environment supportive of its affiliates in their pursuit of productive and fulfilling professional and personal lives. Please reach out to 212-854-8019 with questions or contact one of the individuals above to schedule a consultation.