Application Materials

This section includes copies of the promotion application forms and some additional explanatory materials that will be helpful in the application process. These include:

  1. Senior Promotion Application - Includes all forms, templates, checklist and examples of filled out forms, letters, bibliography format and a memo from Dr. Ehrhardt, Vice Chair for Academic Affairs, explaining steps in the promotion process.
  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV) Template - Shows the required format for the CV you will need to submit for any level (junior or senior) promotion application. Differs from a usual CV in requiring a very specific format and additional information.
  3. Overview - CUMC Academic Title Reorganization - A brief overview (written by Committee on Academic Titles) of the current title system for Officers of Instruction at CUMC. This document and additional explanatory materials are also available at the CUMC Academic Affairs website.

Remember: Faculty members must discuss promotion applications with their Division Chief before applying.