Additional Professional Development Resources at CUIMC

Virginia Apgar Academy of Medical Educators

The Apgar Academy is a community of educators at the Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons whose goal is to promote, reward and support outstanding education for medical students, residents, fellows, and faculty. The Academy offers workshops on teaching and educational scholarship as well as coaching and mentorship for clinician educators.

Further information is available at the Apgar Academy website.

The Apgar Academy is one of the four educator academies at CUIMC that together make up the Glenda Garvey Teaching Academy.

The other three Academies are: the Diamond Society (Dental School), Anna Maxwell Teaching Academy (School of Nursing) and the Mailman School Teaching Academy (School of Public Health).

Virginia Kneeland Frantz Society (VKFS)

The VKFS is for women of all ranks in science and medicine at CUIMC. It’s mission is to The mission of serve, support, and celebrate the advancement of careers of women at all ranks in science and medicine at CUIMC. The VKFS offers programs, and services to women faculty to help them advance in their careers.

To learn more visit the VKFS website.

Center for Education Research and Evaluation (CERE)

The mission of CERE is to collaboratively support educational research, program evaluation and assessment of learning outcomes in the various programs at CUIMC. As part of this effort CERE is frequently involved in programs that offer training or evaluation of teaching skills. The CERE calendar of events includes a listing of its collaborative projects with the Glenda Garvey Teaching Academy and the H&R Learning and Development (HR L&D) program.