The Promotion Process

Getting Started

The first step toward a promotion is a discussion and review of your CV with your mentor or supervisor. If your supervisor agrees that you are eligible, the next step is to obtain your Division Chief’s approval. Only Division Chiefs can nominate faculty for promotion.

Your Division Chief will then ask you to prepare a CV following the COAP format (see Application Materials) to submit for a review by Dr. Ehrhardt, Chair of COAP. Once this approval is received you can begin the promotion application process.

Overview of the Promotion Process

The Promotion process differs depending on the rank for which the candidate is being considered. There are two general categories: Junior Promotions and Senior Promotions.

Junior promotions do not require review by the Committee on Appointments and Promotions (COAP) and include promotions: from Resident or Fellow to Instructor or Assistant Professor; from Instructor to Assistant Professor; or from Postdoctoral Research Scientist to Associate Research Scientist.

Senior promotions require COAP review and include all promotions to the ranks of Associate Professor, Professor, Research Scientist, or Senior Research Scientist.

To see the specific procedures for Junior and Senior promotions click on the links below. To see definitions and further description of each academic title click on Academic Titles.

Junior Promotion Procedures

Senior Promotion Procedures

Choosing a Title

Promotion nominations propose promotion from one specific academic title to another. Learn more about the process of title selection. See Academic Titles for descriptions of the types of academic titles. Identifying a title will be part of the discussion with your Division Chief.