Visiting, Reciprocal, Adjunct Titles

Visiting Faculty Titles

Visiting faculty rank must coincide with rank candidate holds at his/her primary institution. Visiting professorial appointments are given to individuals who are temporarily serving at Columbia while on leave from another institution, usually collaborating in research. These appointments are usually not salaried and may not be held for more than two consecutive years. Visiting titles include:Visiting Assistant Professor; Visiting Associate Professor*; and Visiting Professor*

Reciprocal Faculty Appointments

Reciprocal faculty appointments are reserved for faculty at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University who may need clinical privileges at the Columbia campus of the New York Presbyterian Hospital or who are asked, because of their unique field of study, to teach in an area of Psychiatry not represented by any other current faculty member. There is a special review process for reciprocal faculty appointments, with paperwork specific to such appointments. These appointments require the approval of the Chairperson of both departments on the Cornell and Columbia sites. The reciprocal faculty appointment is the only one in which “adjunct” and “clinical” may be used in the same title. For instance, an Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Cornell would seek a reciprocal faculty appointment at Columbia as Adjunct Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry.

Adjunct Faculty Appointments

Adjunct faculty titles are reserved for individuals whose employment or full time academic appointment is with an institution other than Columbia University. Adjunct appointments are available only to individuals who provide instruction in an area that is not available from other Columbia faculty and teach on a regular basis. Adjunct faculty can be appointed and renewed indefinitely. The criteria for each rank are the same as for either full time or part time faculty. The rank for adjunct faculty must coincide with the rank they hold at their primary institution. Adjunct titles include: Adjunct Assistant Professor; Adjunct Associate Professor*; and Adjunct Professor*

*These senior titles require full COAP review prior to appointment.