Research Infrastructures

MRI Research Program

Rachel Marsh, PhD
(646) 774-5774

The MRI core at the NYSPI houses a research-dedicated General Electric SIGNA Premier 3T MRI scanner with a 70cm diameter bore. The core is state-of-the art for image acquisition and analysis with computing efforts supported by core staff in collaboration with PsyIT. The mission of the core is to support departmental investigators by offering them and supporting their use of advanced technical and analytic capabilities.

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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)  

Lawrence Kegeles, MD
(646) 774-5560

NYSPI’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is composed of 10 scientific and non-scientific members, it’s Chair, Vice-Chair, an unaffiliated member, and one ACLAM board—certified veterinarian. The IACUC meets once a month to review and approve animal use protocols and policies; reviews NYSPI’s program of animal care and use twice a year; and submits reports to the Institutional Official and federal agencies as required.

Department of Comparative Medicine (DCM)

Moshe Shalev, DVM
(646) 774-8757
(646) 774-8758

The Department of Comparative Medicine (DCM) of NYSPI is responsible for the year-round husbandry and veterinary care of NYSPI’s laboratory animals. DCM provides routine and emergency veterinary care and training of animal care and research staffs on the care and use of animals, occupational health, and zoonoses, research procedures, and animal welfare. The mission of DCM is closely aligned and integrated with that of the IACUC and RBCf.

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Rodent Behavioral Core facility (RBCf)

Dr. Kevin Bath

The RBCf provides access to behavioral testing facilities and equipment across NYSPI as well as provides support in research design, implementation, and analysis. The RBCf is staffed by a rodent behavioral expert and highly trained animal care staff. It is integrated with the DCM and the IACUC to support and maximize the health and wellbeing of animals while simultaneously supporting the research mission of investigators and compliance with local and federal guidelines.   


Contact for general IRB inquiries.
(646) 774-7155

NYSPI’s Institutional Review Board is composed of 25 members from diverse professional backgrounds that include it’s Chair, Co-chair, scientific and non-scientific members and unaffiliated members. The IRB Full Board meets twice a month to review and approve human subject research protocols. There are 4 IRB Subcommittees comprised of IRB members that meet weekly to review all studies (prior to being reviewed by the Full Board) and approve minimal risk research protocols. The primary purpose of the IRB is to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects involved in research activities being conducted under its authority. In so doing, the IRB shall ensure adherence to the criteria for IRB approval as listed in 45 CFR 46.111 and 21 CFR 56.111.

EEG Core

Randy P. Auerbach, PhD

(646) 774-5745

The EEG Core, which includes a 96-channel ActiChamp Active Electrode EEG System, which allows investigators to utilize a 96-, 64-, or 32-channel array to optimize data collection across different study populations and designs. The EEG Core includes rooms for assessments (i.e., clinical, behavioral, and psychophysiological) as well as a preparation room to apply the EEG caps. All EEG data acquired are stored on  encrypted network and can be accessed by investigators through a password-protected portal.

TMS Core

Diana Martinez

Alex Grassetti
(646) 774-7654

The TMS Core was established to provide access to state-of-the-art equipment, expertise, and technical services for investigators across the institution to carry out research studies using brain stimulation. The TMSC provides training and assistance with study design, grant writing, and pilot data in order to facilitate the development of novel approaches to implementing neuromodulation in psychiatry. The core equipment includes TMS devices (Brainsway and Magstim), neuro-navigation equipment, and other services.

Biological Studies Unit (BSU)

Laszlo Papp, MD
(646) 774-8046

The Biological Studies Unit (BSU) is a resource for clinical investigation accessible to clinical research faculty at NYSPI. The BSU, located on the southern end of the third floor of the Pardes building, includes procedure rooms, storage space, laboratory and treatment rooms. Laszlo Papp, MD serves as director of the BSU.

Office of Sponsored Programs

Janelle Greenhill, MPH
(646) 774-6500

The Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) at NYSPI serves as a central resource to support investigators and administrators at NYSPI and Columbia’s Department of Psychiatry. OSP provides guidance and oversight throughout the lifecycle of research, from the preparation and submission of applications through closeout. For NYSPI applications and awards, OSP is the liaison with sponsors, and provides the required institutional assurances that awards are submitted and administered in accordance to federal and private sponsor regulations, terms and conditions, and institute policies.

Data Management & Redcap

Chris Stanley

The NYSPI Data Core leverages hybrid computing solutions to efficiently develop and scale data collection, management, operations and analysis functions. Services include both full-service and self-service REDCap data collection environments, relational database hosting and management, unstructured (file) storage solutions, server hosting and management for dedicated workloads and on-premise and cloud-based computing clusters. The Data Core team partners with investigators to maximize efficient use of grant funding and to prototype new research. Additional information available internally at or via email to

Mental Health Data Science

Melanie Wall, PhD
Area Leader

Mental Health Data Science is one of the 12 research areas. Not only does in conduct its own research but it also provides statistical support to investigators across the department.

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