Metropolitan Comprehensive Care Center for Eating Disorders (CCCED)

In recognition of the excellent clinical services provided by our center, New York State identified the CCCED as "The Metropolitan New York Region Comprehensive Care Center for Eating Disorders." The CCCED serves the largest population of patients with eating disorders in New York State. NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Cohen Children’s Medical Center (CCMC), and the New York State Psychiatric Institute have joined forces to offer an unparalleled, comprehensive range of specialized clinical services at every level of care to patients of all ages from across the southern part of the state. Led by clinical researchers known internationally for their contributions to the field, Metro NYCCCED strives to help individuals with eating disorders and their families heal physically and emotionally.

Metro NYCCCED provides an integrated spectrum of specialized clinical services and an opportunity for research participation unlike anything else currently available in New York State. The broad range of available services includes inpatient, day-patient and outpatient treatments. Residential care is also available, with access to specialized staff and programming.


Center of Excellence

In 2003, legislation was introduced that aimed to meet the needs of tens of thousands of citizens of the State of New York and would serve as a model for future legislative efforts in other regions. The legislation established Comprehensive Care Centers for Eating Disorders (CCCED’s) in geographically diverse areas of New York State. These Centers of Excellence offer a range of clinical services, with levels of care from outpatient to day treatment to hospital-based care, for patients with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and other diagnosed eating disorders.

The Metro Region CCCED was identified as one of three selected Centers by the New York State Department of Health in August 2005 and opened its doors in January 2006. The Metro Region CCCED is a collaboration among NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Cohen Children’s Medical Center and The New York State Psychiatric Institute, representing three institutions with decades of dedication to research and treatment for patients with eating disorders.

The Metro Region CCCED offers coordinated care across three campuses for children, adolescent and adult patients with eating disorders. For additional information, please call 646-774-8066 or our 24-hour access line: 1-888-694-5700.


Partner Sites

The three partners that are collaborating to create the Metro CCCED have been dedicated to the study and treatment of eating disorders for more than 25 years. Individually these programs have national, and even international reputations for excellence. The three partner sites comprising the Metro Region CCCED are:

Columbia University Medical Center/The New York State Psychiatric Institute (NYSPI)

Weill Cornell Medical Center/NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Westchester Division

Cohen Children’s Medical Center



The Metro region is affiliated with two other New York State Comprehensive Care Centers for Eating Disorders: The Northeast CCCED in the capital (Albany) region and the Western CCCED in Rochester. Together our three centers are able to provide a statewide network of treatment services across all levels of care.

For CCCED information in other parts of New York State:

Western CCCCED
Phone: 1-800-700-4573

Northeast CCCCED
Phone: 1-888-747-4727