PGY 4 Year

Advanced Psychopharmacology – Dr. Michael Grunebaum (10 sessions) –  This course reviews advanced topics in psychopharmacology such as managing treatment resistance and use of third and fourth line agents, as well as management of more complex illnesses without clear treatment guidelines such as rapid cycling bipolar disorder.

Advanced Psychotherapy Concepts –  Dr. Anna Schwartz (8 sessions) –  This course explores selected topics in psychodynamic psychotherapy at an advanced level, including transference and countertransference, therapeutic impasses, and termination of treatment.

Demonstration of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy – Dr. Lyle Rosnick (8 sessions) – A video-taped long-term psychodynamic psychotherapy is presented and discussed by the senior faculty member who conducted the treatment.

Differential Psychotherapeutics – Dr. Yael Holoshitz and faculty (6 sessions) – In this advanced course, cases are discussed by experts from the framework of different types of psychotherapy in order to explore different approaches to evaluation and treatment.

Forensic Psychiatry/Ethics 4 – Drs. David Lowenthal, Ryan Lawrence, Paul Appelbaum and Ken Hoge (8 sessions) – The last of this series, this course will cover correctional psychiatry, malpractice, disability, and the role of the expert, as well as topics in Psychiatric Ethics such as sexual misconduct with patients and colleagues, research ethics, and ethical problems in a variety of different clinical circumstances.

Interventional Psychiatry 2 – Dr. Joshua Berman (4 sessions) – This course will discuss the state-of-the-art interventional psychiatry, such as use of TMS and Ketamine. 

Neuroscience – 13 sessions – Drs. David Leonardo and Bret Rutherford – going from molecules to systems, this course will focus on current understanding of the neuroscience of psychological function, with particular attention to clinical care.

Neuroscience of Psychotherapy – Drs. Susan Vaughan and Mohsin Ahmed (4 sessions) – Co-taught by a psychoanalyst and a neuroscientist, this course explores theories about the way in which psychotherapy works from a neuroscience perspective.

Office Practice – Dr. Shirin Ali (5 sessions) – This course provides practical information on starting one's practice. Topics include: finding an office, setting a fee, record keeping, as well as treatment issues that relate specifically to private practice and managed care settings.

Public Psychiatry 4: Leadership and Management in Systems of Care – Dr. Stephanie LeMelle (4 sessions) – These are third in the series of lectures on the care of people with severe mental illness in the community. This series of lectures will focus on fiscal and administrative systems and on the role of the psychiatrist in these systems.

Wellness – Dr. Renu Culas (10 sessions)– this experiential course, which all PGY1-4 residents will take together monthly, focuses on ways to maintain wellness as a resident, physician, and human being.