Columbia Gambling Disorders Clinic

We offer free outpatient treatment for gambling addiction for problem gamblers and their concerned significant others (CSOs). Gambling addiction—also referred to as gambling disorder, compulsive gambling, problem gambling or pathological gambling—is not limited to casino gambling. Frequent playing of lotteries, sports betting including “fantasy” sports, dice games, “scratch” games, slot machines, poker and other card games, and roulette, whether online or in person, may signal a gambling problem. Gambling addiction affects individuals of any age, gender, or race or ethnicity, or any socioeconomic background. Individuals with a gambling addiction are more likely to struggle with substance abuse and are more likely to experience mental health issues such as depression and anxiety; medical and legal problems; and are more likely to risk jobs and relationships. The problems can also result in significant cost to the individual, family and friends, and to society.