June 2019

  • This June we wish good luck to our Research Coordinator Yael Stovetzky as she transitions to medical school. 
  • We welcomed new team members Sarah Altman-Ezzard, B.A., (Research Coordinator) and Moses Appel M.A. (Extern)!

April 2019

February 2019 

November 2018

  • As part of a statewide training initiative to improve the quality and access to care for individuals with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, The Center for OCD and Related Disorders and The Center for Practice Innovations at Columbia Psychiatry and the New York State Psychiatric are collaborating with the New York State Office of Mental Health (NYS-OMH) to host an educational webinar on OCD. Individuals with OCD are often undiagnosed and do not receive evidence-based care. A two-year workforce development program aims to address this challenge by developing an online training program focused on front-line providers in NYS OMH licensed/ state-operated programs serving children and adults.
  • For more information or to register for our first webinar please visit:

July 2018

  • We are excited to welcome several new team members: Ms. Stephanie Grimaldi, an extern from Hofstra University, Dr. Rachel Fremont, a psychiatry resident, Dr. Meredith Senter, a psychiatry resident, Ms. Jenna Patterson, an undergraduate research intern from Barnard College, and Ms. Talia Korn, an undergraduate research intern from Yeshiva University.

May 2018

  • Dr. Blair Simpson was interviewed by Newsweek for an article about singer Camila Cabello and her OCD diagnosis. Check it out here!

March 2018

  • Dr. Michael Wheaton, Dr. Marina Gershkovich and Dr. Blair Simpson published a paper on behavioral avoidance as a predictor of treatment outcome. Read more about it here.

August 2017

  • We are excited to have received funding from the National Institute of Mental Health for a study seeking to identify reproducible brain signatures of OCD in collaboration with our colleagues in the Netherlands, India, South Africa and Brazil!

June 2017

  • We recently welcomed several new team members, including: Dr. Dianne Hezel, a post-doctoral research fellow, Ms. Megan Renna, an extern from Teacher’s College at Columbia University, Ms. Marissa Raskin, a research coordinator, and Ms. Emma Toner, an undergraduate research intern from Barnard College.

January 2017

  • Our director, Dr. Blair Simpson, has been appointed Vice Chair for Research of the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center. We're excited to see what she'll do in this new role!

October 2016

  • A recent article in the Psychiatric news suggest that individuals with OCD may prefer psychotherapy to medications. Read the full paper here.

September 2016

July 2016

  • Check out this article featuring Dr. Blair Simpson in which she debunks five myths commonly associated with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Read the article on

March 2016

  • Check out this article featuring Dr. Blair Simpson, Dr. Rachel Marsh and Dr. Moira Rynn. The article highlights work being done at Columbia University Medical Center/New York State Psychiatric Institute, and discusses the devastating impact of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Read the article in the Washington Post.

February 2016

January 2016

  • Read our New Years Letter from Dr. Blair Simpson, the Director of the Anxiety Disorders Clinic and Center for OCD and Related Disorders. A warm thanks to everyone who supports our mission in furthering the research and understanding of OCD. We are proud of all the work we have been able to do, and are committed to continuing our efforts.

December 2015

  • The OCD team was featured in the International OCD Foundation's Winter 2015 Newsletter. This Newsletter contains quarterly updates on the latest in OCD treatment and research.

October 2015

  • The OCD team participated in National Depression Screening Day on October 8th, answering any questions about anxiety and OCD at Teachers College, Columbia University. For more information on upcoming screening days and intiviates, please visit the Screening for Mental Health website Here.
  • October 11-17th is OCD Awareness Week. The team will be active in accepting free, confidential phone screenings all week! For more information about events near you, please visit the International Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Foundation HERE.
  • We've also teamed up with OCD NY to provide free screenings as well. For more information on events, please visit the OCD NY Website HERE.

September 2015

  • Dr. Simpson is featured on the Mental Health Channel, where she removes some of the myths of OCD, offers surprising examples, and talks about her research utilizing patient brain scans. Watch the video on Vimeo.

August 2015

  • The OCD team participated in Charles B. Wang's Good Health Day for National Health Center Week. In the heart of Chinatown, we interacted with the community and provided information about OCD and Related Disorders.

July 2015

  • The OCD Team did our first ever Reddit AMA! Check it out. There will be more AMA's in the future, talking about our current studies, so stay tuned for that!

April 2015

  • Dr. Blair Simpson and Dr. Moira Rynn appeared on 1010WINS on the Ask the Experts series. They discussed characteristics of OCD, treatments and medications that are being researched. You can listen to their segments on our youtube page or by visiting the website.

March 2015

  • Dr. Carolyn Rodriguez, the Director of our Hoarding Disorders Research Program, recently published a blog on the rapid effects of Ketamine. Read the article on the Huffington Post.

February 2014

  • A study headed by Anthony Pinto Ph.D. has just been written up in the Psychiatric News. You can read about the study, which compares OCD and OCPD, on Psychiatry Online.

January 2014

  • Psychiatric Times just published article by Helen Blair Simpson, M.D. Ph.D., Director of the Anxiety Disorders Clinic and OCD Research Program. You can read the article, titled "The Relative Efficacy of Current Medication and Therapy for OCD," on the Psychiatric Times.

November 2013

  • Carolyn Rodriguez M.D. Ph.D., the Director of our Hoarding Disorders Research Program, recently made an appearance on the Katie Couric Show. Check out the clip on YouTube.

November 2013

  • The Huffington Post recently published a blog post by Carolyn Rodriguez M.D. Ph.D., the Director of our Hoarding Disorders Research Program. Read the article.

October 2013

  • Throughout October our OCD experts conducted and recorded a series of blog talks discussing OCD symptoms, treatments and resources. Listen to the talks here.
  • Psychiatric Times recently posted a video of Dr. H. Blair Simpson discussing hallmarks and themes of OCD, including common comorbidities and what to look for when treating OCD in connection with other psychiatric illnesses. Watch the video on Psychiatric Times.

May 2013

February 2013

  • The Anxiety Disorders Clinic, and our director, Dr. H. Blair Simpson, were recently featured in the latest New York Presbyterian Hospital Neuroscience Newsletter: NYP Spring Newsletter (PDF)

January 2013

  • Our team at Columbia University Medical Center, in conjunction with University of Pennsylvania, is pleased to begin recruiting for our new treatment study. The aim is to identify who benefits from adding EX/RP to an SRI and to find out whether they can then discontinue their SRI. Learn more at

November 2012

Summer 2012

  • This summer's InPsych Newsletter features several OCD team member and their exciting work.

Highlights Include:

  • Dr. Carolyn Rodriguez's study tying eviction risk to hoarding behavior
  • A study of an augmented treatment in children with OCD conducted by Drs. Moira Rynn (Deputy Director of Research in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry), H. Blair Simpson (Director of the Anxiety Disorders Clinic) and Dikoma Shungu (Director of the Laboratory for Advanced MR Spectroscopy Research at Weill Cornell Medical College)

June 2012

  • Dr. Helen Blair Simpson, director for the Anxiety Disorders Clinic and OCD Research Program, was interviewed on the Leonard Lopate show for WNYC.

April 2012