Cultural Humility Series

The Columbia University Department of Psychiatry’s Diversity and Inclusion Alliance (DIA) is honored to host a biannual Cultural Humility speaker series. We invite speakers from around the country who will aid our trainees, staff, and faculty to continue to grow and learn in a curious and courageous way about cultural differences, ongoing self-appraisal, traits of flexibility, and humble mental health discovery. In so doing, DIA strives to understand and uncover existing power imbalances and mental health disparities as we work to grow both our individual cultural humility and that of the broader psychiatric clinical services. We welcome ideas and topics at any time for this series. 

Using intersectionality to advance behavioral health and foster resilience among LGBTQ+ people of color

Dr. Skyler Jackson (he/him) conducts research focusing on the ways individuals’ social identities (e.g., race, gender, sexual orientation) shape their everyday lives and influence health and well-being. In particular, he is interested in how experiences of stigma—if not adequately coped with—interfere with psychological functioning and contribute to health disparities. Dr. Jackson provides an overview of recent clinical efforts to develop and test a group-based treatment to address intersectional stigma, mental health, and HIV risk among young gay and bisexual men of color. Behavioral health implications and future directions, including the applicability of results to clinical, community, and policy-level interventions will be discussed. Watch the video