Clinic for Innovations in Treatment Resistant Depression

The Clinic for Innovations in Treatment Resistant Depression is an outpatient research clinic that conducts free and confidential evaluations of patients with depression and bipolar depression that has been difficult to treat by standard medication and psychotherapy approaches. Patients over the age of 18 may then be eligible for free treatment in research studies funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, private, not-for–profit foundations or industry.

Eligibility for treatment studies is determined by a confidential evaluation conducted by a research psychiatrist and research social worker, specializing in the area of treatment resistant depression. Each study involves a clinical research project that focuses on a different treatment approach and may involve an inpatient stay. Once the treatment program is completed, patients may be referred for continuing care in the community.

During each study, a team of psychiatrists, social worker(s), study co-ordinators and assistants meet frequently with patients to monitor progress. If an inpatient stay is appropriate, research team members will collaborate closely with the inpatient clinical staff.

The purpose of current research projects is to learn more about innovative treatment approaches to depression, especially treatment resistant depression. Some research questions being investigated include:

What are the brain regions involved in depression, depression's effective treatment and the side effects of that treatment?

What is the impact of technical advances in the administration of electrical stimulation for the treatment of depression?

The Clinic for Innovations in Treatment Resistant Depression is dedicated to developing advances in the treatment of depression so that a larger number of those burdened by the illness can experience improved health and sense of well being.


The Clinic for Innovations in Treatment Resistant Depression specializes in adult patients with depression or bipolar depression who have failed conventional treatment. A confidential phone screening is conducted by a member of the professional staff. If a patient appears eligible and interested in learning more about participation, an evaluation appointment is scheduled. Eligibility criteria vary from study to study.

Financial Information

Evaluation is free. Eligible patients participate free of charge in studies funded by NIMH, not-for-profit foundations, and private industry.

Contact Information

Joan Prudic, MD
Tel: (646) 774-5413