Ronald Brady, MD

  • Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry

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J Michael Morrison Award-The College of Problems on Drug Dependance-Excellance in Scientific Administration.2004

Inventor AMS Automated Dispensing System Used in 1000 clinics worldwide. Interests: Addiction treatment and research. Co author/Author 15 papers

Academic Appointments

  • Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry


  • Male


Addiction Medicine Research: Antideprasant efficacy, Naltrexone effects, drug Interactions, depression among substance abuse patients.

Delivering psychosocial treatment to substance abusers via mobile technologies NDRI Grant- Site Investigator

Research Interests

  • Addiction Treatment
  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Selected Publications

  • Ronald Brady MD: A Brief History of Automated Methadone Dispensing, Quarterly Journal of Addiction, December 2008. Quarterly Journal of Addiction, December 2008 December 2008;1: 177-180
  • Akerele, E, Nunes, E., Brady, R., Levin, F., Kleber, H.: The Effects of Triple Therapy on Methadone Levels. The American Journal on Addictions Nov.2002;308-314
  • Nunes, E., Quitkin, F., Brady, R, Woody, G.: Imipromine treatment of Opiate Dependant Patients With Depressive Disorders: a placebo controlled trial. Archives of General Psychiatry 1998;55: 667-669
  • Edwards, G, Sutherland. G, Brady, R. : Measuring Opiate Dependance. British Journal of the Addictions 1986;Vol 81: 485-494
  • Jaffee, J., Kanzler, M., Brady, R.: Assessing Agents that Suppress Methadone Withdrawl: A Study of Baclofin. NIDA Research Monograph #41,Problems, of Drug Dependance 1981;41: 269-275