Michael Myers, PhD

  • Professor of Clinical Psychiatry

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Dr. Myers' research is guided by the principle that experiences of early life not only have immediate impact on biology and behavior, but also can have profound effects lasting well into infancy and beyond. Adverse and positive early life events, interacting with genetic background, shape brain development and modulate vulnerability and resilience to a wide range of mental and physical disorders.

His research, originally only in animal models, is now focused on translational studies in human infants. This work is investigating the impact of early mother/infant nurturing interactions on autonomic control, electro-cortical activity, and behavior of infants and their mothers.

Academic Appointments

  • Professor of Clinical Psychiatry


  • Male


Dr. Myers' research is focused on understanding of the consequences of and mechanisms underlying effects of early mother/infant interactions on neurobehavioral development.

Research Interests

  • Assessments of physiological function during early development

Selected Publications

  • Myers MM, Grieve PG, Izraelit A, Fifer WP, Isler JR, Darnall RA, Stark RI.: Developmental profiles of infant EEG: Overlap with transient cortical circuits. Clin Neurophysiol 2012; (in press)
  • Welch MG, Hofer MA, Brunelli SA, Stark RI, Andrews HF, Austin J, Myers MM, Fni Trial Group: Family nurture intervention (FNI): methods and treatment protocol of a randomized controlled trial in the NICU. BMC Pediatr 2012;12: 14
  • Monk C, Fifer WP, Myers MM, Bagiella E, Duong JK, Chen IS, Leotti L,Altincatal A.: Effects of maternal breathing rate, psychiatric status, and cortisol on fetal heart rate. Dev Psychobiol 2011;53 (3): 221-233
  • Kleinhaus K, Steinfeld S, Balaban J, Goodman L, Craft TS, Malaspina D, Myers MM, Moore H.: Effects of excessive glucocorticoid receptor stimulation during early gestation on psychomotor and social behavior in the rat. Dev Psychobiol 2010;52 (2): 121-132
  • Schechter DS, Willheim E, Hinojosa C, Scholfield-Kleinman K, Turner JB, McCaw J, Zeanah CH, Myers MM.: Subjective and objective measures of parent-child relationship dysfunction, child separation distress, and joint attention. Psychiatry 2010;73 (2): 130-144