Kiyohito Iigaya, PhD

  • Assistant Professor of Neurobiology (in Psychiatry)

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  • PhD (physics) 2014 Columbia University
  • Research Associate 2014-2017 University College London
  • Research Associate 2017-2021 Caltech

Academic Appointments

  • Assistant Professor of Neurobiology (in Psychiatry)


  • Japanese


  • Male


Selected Publications

Iigaya, K., Yi, S., Wahle, I. A., Tanwisuth, K., & O’Doherty, J. P. (2021). Aesthetic preference for art can be predicted from a mixture of low-and high-level visual features. Nature Human Behaviour, 1-13.

O’Doherty, J. P., Rutishauser, U., & Iigaya, K. (2021). The hierarchical construction of value. Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, 41, 71-77.

Iigaya, K., O’Doherty, J. P., & Starr, G. G. (2020). Progress and promise in neuroaesthetics. Neuron, 108(4), 594-596.

Iigaya, K., Hauser, T.U., Kurth-Nelson, Z., O’Doherty, J.P., Dayan, P.* and Dolan, R.J.* (2020). The value of what’s to come: Neural mechanisms coupling prediction error and the utility of anticipation. Science Advances. 6(25), eaba3828.

Iigaya, K., Ahmadian, Y., Sugrue, L., Corrado, G., Loewenstein, Y., Newsome, W. T., & Fusi, S. (2019). Deviation from the matching law reflects an optimal strategy involving learning over multiple timescales. Nature communications, 10 (1), 1466.

Iigaya, K., Fonseca, M. S., Murakami, M., Mainen, Z. F., & Dayan, P. (2018). An effect of serotonergic stimulation on learning rates for rewards apparent after long inter-trial intervals. Nature communications, 9(1), 2477.

Iigaya, K*., Jolivald, A*., Jitkrittum, W., Gilchrist, I. D., Dayan, P.**, Paul, E.**, & Mendl, M.** (2016). Cognitive bias in ambiguity judgements: using computational models to dissect the effects of mild mood manipulation in humans. PloS one, 11(11), e0165840.

Iigaya, K. (2016). Adaptive learning and decision-making under uncertainty by metaplastic synapses guided by a surprise detection system.  eLife, 5, e18073.

Iigaya, K., Story, G. W., Kurth-Nelson, Z., Dolan, R. J., & Dayan, P. (2016). The modulation of savouring by prediction error and its effects on choice. eLife, 5, e13747.

Iigaya, K., & Fusi, S. (2013). Dynamical regimes in neural network models of matching behavior. Neural computation, 25(12), 3093-3112.