Justin Richardson, MD

  • Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry
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Dr. Richardson is a clinical and academic psychiatrist with a longstanding interest in psychoanalysis, sexual development, and parenting.

For the last several years Dr. Richardson has taught psychoanalytic theory to candidates at the Columbia Center for Psychoanalytic Research and Training. He lectures on early childhood development to Columbia residents and on DSM challenges and controversies to Cornell residents. He co-teaches "Why Psychoanalysis?", a monthly seminar open to medical students, residents, early career psychiatrists, and psychologists of all levels of training with Dr. Deborah Cabaniss. Together he and Dr. Cabaniss co-Chair the Columbia Psychoanalytic Center's Selection and Recruitment Committee.

Dr. Richardson is co-author with Dr. Mark Schuster of Everything You Never Wanted Your Kids to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid They'd Ask) (Crown, 2003), a book promoting the sexual education of parents. He lectures throughout the United States on the subject of child and teen sexuality and has appeared frequently as an expert commentator on the Today Show, Good Morning America, 20/20, and NPR's Morning Edition, among other national programs. He is the psychiatric advisor to the HBO series In Treatment.

Dr. Richardson is co-author with Peter Parnell of the multiply awarded And Tango Makes Three (Simon & Schuster, 2005), a picture book which tells the true story of two male penguins living in the Central Park Zoo who together try to hatch their own chick.

Dr. Richardson is the recipient of the Columbia Psychoanalytic Center's Lionel Ovesey Award for research, writing, and teaching and the Alexander Beller Award for outstanding contributions to psychoanalytic writing. He is a past recipient of fellowship awards from the American Medical Associate, the American Psychoanalytic Association, and the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry. He is in full time private practice in Manhattan.

Academic Appointments

  • Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry

Administrative Titles

  • Director, Columbia University Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research


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Credentials & Experience

Honors & Awards

  • Columbia Psychoanalytic Center's Lionel Ovesey Award for Research, Writing, and Teaching
  • Alexander Beller Award for Outstanding Contributions to Psychoanalytic Writing
  • American Medical Associate Fellowship Award
  • American Psychoanalytic Association Fellowship Award
  • Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry Fellowship Award


Selected Publications

  1. Phillip,S., Richardson, J., Vaughan, S: Sexual Orientation and Psychotherapy, in The Oxford Concise Guide to Psychotherapy, Oxford University Press, London, England, 2005
  2. Richardson, J., and Schuster, M: Everything You Never Wanted Your Kids to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid They'd Ask): The Secrets to Surviving Your Child's Sexual Development from Birth to the Teens, Crown, New York, NY, United States, 2003
  3. Richardson, J: Finding the disorder in gender identity disorder: a reply to Kenneth J. Zucker, PhD. Harvard Review of Psychiatry 1999;7
  4. Richardson, J: Setting Limits on Gender Health. Harvard Review of Psychiatry 1996;4: 49-53
  5. Richardson, J: The Science and Politics of Gay Teen Suicide. Harvard Review of Psychiatry 1995;3