David Pagliaccio, PhD

  • Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurobiology (in Psychiatry)
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Dr. David Pagliaccio received his PhD in neuroscience from Washington University in St. Louis. His graduate work with Drs. Deanna Barch and Joan Luby focused on the effects of stress and stress-system genes on brain structure and function in children with early-onset depression. During his postdoctoral fellowship with Drs. Daniel Pine and Ellen Leibenluft, Dr. Pagliaccio continued fMRI research to examine the neural underpinnings of pediatric anxiety and irritability. His research aims are to use neuroimaging and other methods to understand the mechanisms underlying psychiatric disorders in youth, particularly affective psychopathology, as well as to assess the psychometrics and reliability of currently used research methods. With his collaborators at New York State Psychiatric Institute, Dr. Pagliaccio is exploring alterations in brain circuitry and functioning relating to affective disorders, OCD, learning disorders, and other pediatric pathologies.

Academic Appointments

  • Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurobiology (in Psychiatry)


  • Male

Credentials & Experience

Education & Training

  • PhD, 2010 Washington University - St. Louis


Research Interests

  • Affective Disorders
  • Brain Imaging
  • cognitive and affective neuroscience

Selected Publications

Pagliaccio, D., Pine, D.S., Barch, D.M., Luby, J.L., Leibeluft, E. (2018) Irritability trajectories from preschool to adolescence, cortical thickness, and clinical outcomes. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. 57(5) 326-342. PMCID: PMC5932635.

Behrens, B. Swetlitz, C., Pine, D.S., Pagliaccio, D. (2018) The Screen for Child Anxiety Related Emotional Disorders (SCARED): Informant discrepancy, measurement invariance, and test-rest reliability. Child Psychiatry and Human Development. DOI: 10.1007/s10578-018-0854-0

Pagliaccio, D., Wiggins, J.L., Adleman, N.E., Harkins, E., Curhan, A., Towbin, K.E., Brotman, M., Pine, D.S., Leibenluft, E. (2017). Behavioral and Neural Sustained Attention Deficits in Bipolar Disorder and Familial Risk for Bipolar. Biological Psychiatry. 82(9):669-678. PMCID: PMC5354995.

Pagliaccio, D., Luking, K.R., Anokhin, A.P., Gotlib, I.H., Hayden, E.P., Olino, T.M., Peng, C., Hajcak, G., Barch, D.M. (2016) Revising the BIS/BAS to Study Development: Metric Invariance and Normative Effects of Age and Sex from Childhood through Adulthood. Psychological Assessment. 28 (4), 429 . PMID: 26302106

Pagliaccio, D., Barch, D. M., Bogdan, R., Wood, P. K., Lynskey, M. T., Heath, A. C., & Agrawal, A. (2015). Shared Predisposition in the Association Between Cannabis Use and Subcortical Brain Structure. JAMA Psychiatry. 72 (10), 994-1001. PMID: 26308883