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Caroline Trumpff, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Medical Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University. Dr. Trumpff received her PhD in Psychological Sciences from the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium, and pursed her doctoral research at the Belgian Scientific Institute of Public Health (Sciensano). After completing her postdoctoral training as a Herbert H. and Ruth S. Reiner Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University (Picard Lab) she joined the faculty in 2021. Dr. Trumpff's research aims to understand the interplay of psychological stress exposure and mitochondrial biology as a potential biological pathway linking psychosocial stress to physical and mental health trajectories across the lifespan. Her research has been funded by the NIH, the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation, and the Nathaniel Wharton Fund.


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Education & Training

  • 2015 Université Libre de Bruxelles
  • Fellowship: 2021 Columbia University


Selected Publications

Trumpff, C., Rausser, S., Haahr, R., Karan, K.R., Gouspillou, G., Puterman, E., Kirschbaum, C. and Picard, M., (2022). Dynamic behavior of cell-free mitochondrial DNA in human saliva. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 143, p.105852. PMID: 35834882.


Trumpff, C., Owusu-Ansah, E., Klein, H.U., Lee, A., Petyuk, V., Wingo, T.S., Wingo, A.P., Thambisetty, M., Ferrucci, L., Seyfried, N.T., Bennett, D.A., De Jager, P.L., Picard, M. (2022). Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain Protein Co-Regulation in the Human Brain. Heliyon, 8(5), e09353. PMID: 35600441.


Trumpff, C., Michelson, J., Lagranha, C.J., Taleon, V., Karan, K.R., Sturm, G., Lindqvist, D., Fernström, J., Moser, D., Kaufman, B.A. and Picard, M. (2021). Stress and circulating cell-free mitochondrial DNA: A systematic review of human studies, physiological considerations, and technical recommendations. Mitochondrion, 59, 225-245. PMID: 33839318.


Rausser, S., Trumpff, C., McGill, M. A., Junker, A., Wang, W., Ho, S. H., ... & Picard, M. (2021). Mitochondrial phenotypes in purified human immune cell subtypes and cell mixtures. Elife, 10:e70899. PMID: 34698636.


Karan, K., Trumpff, C., McGill, M., Thomas, J., Sturm, G., Lauriola, V.,  Sloan, R.P. , Rohleder, N., Kaufman, B.A., Marsland, A.L., Picard, M. (2020) Mitochondrial Respiratory Capacity Modulates LPS-induced Inflammatory Signatures in Human Blood. Brain, Behavior and Immunity, 5, 100080. PMID: 33073254.


Trumpff, C., Marsland, A.L., Sloan, R.P., Kaufman B.A., Picard, M. (2019) Predictors of ccf-mtDNA reactivity to acute psychological stress identified using machine learning classifiers: a proof-of-concept. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 107, 82-92. PMID: 31112904.


Trumpff, C., Marsland, A.L., Basualto-Alarcon, C., Martin, J.L., Carroll, J.E., Sturm, G., Vincent, A.E., Mosharov, E.V., Gu, Z., Kaufman, B.A. and Picard, M. (2019). Acute psychological stress increases circulating cell-free mitochondrial DNA. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 106, 268-276. PMID: 31029929.


Picard, M., Trumpff, C., Burelle, Y. (2019). Mitochondrial Psychobiology: Foundations and Applications. Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, 28: 142-151. PMID: 32637466.


Monk, C., Lugo-Candelas, C., Trumpff, C. (2018) Prenatal Developmental Origins of Future Psychopathology: Mechanisms and Pathways. Annual Review of Clinical Psychology, 15, 317-344. PMID: 30795695.


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