2024 Depression Summit

Hope Over the Horizon: The 2024 Depression Summit

Columbia Psychiatry and the Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Depression hosted Hope over the Horizon: Improving Depression Outcomes and Reducing and Suicide Risk on Monday, Jan. 29, 2024.  The symposium, made possible by generous support from the Saks Fifth Avenue Foundation, featured presentations by Columbia experts on new innovations and breakthroughs in depression and suicide research and treatment.

Thank you to Dr. Andrew Solomon, Dr. Randy P. Auerbach, Dr. Adrian H. Jacques Ambrose, Dr. Christine Denny, and Dr. J. John Mann for joining us and sharing their expertise and to Dr. Jeremy Veenstra-VanderWeele for his welcome remarks. The presentations shed light on cutting edge research being conducted at Columbia to transform outcomes and care, as well as the lived experiences of individuals living with depression and mental illness.

We are pleased to share a highlights reel and links to the presentations and hope these recordings serve as valuable resources on this important topic.

To view event recordings, please visit this YouTube playlist.

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