March 25, 2015

Columbia Psychiatry faculty discuss new research, new developments and best treatments, provide education about psychiatric disorders, and much, much more in these podcasts. Browse through dozens of podcasts on a wide range of issues. Listen live or listen on demand to these informative talks.


Archived episodes:

A New Strategy for Suicide Prevention

Improving the Communication Skills of Medical Professionals

Treating Depression and Anxiety--Can We Get Past the Trial and Error Approach

Strategies for Successful Management of Bipolar Disorder

Where to Turn? Treatment Settings and Levels of Care for Eating Disorders

Who’s Who? Putting Together Your Team for Eating Disorders Treatment

Treatment Options for Eating Disorders: Finding Your Way on the Path to Wellness

OnTrackNY—An Innovative Approach to Treating First Episode PsychosisTransforming a Life: the Power of Peer Support


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