Law, Ethics, and Psychiatry

The Division of Law, Ethics, and Psychiatry undertakes education and research on issues related to the impact of law and ethics on psychiatry and on medicine more broadly, and on the role of psychiatry in the legal and correctional systems. Division faculty are involved in the training of medical students, residents in psychiatry and other specialties, fellows in forensic psychiatry, clinical and research fellows in other areas of psychiatry, law students, graduate students, research staff, faculty members, and the general public.

The Division is home to the NIH-funded Center for Research on Ethical, Legal & Social Implications of Psychiatric, Neurologic and Behavioral Genetics, and has several projects underway related to these issues. Other research efforts focus on empirical studies of research ethics, including informed consent, competence, substituted judgment, and voluntariness; we have an ongoing interest in studies on the prediction and management of violence by persons with mental illness. Faculty members in the Division also consult to the NYS Office of Mental Health on issues related to law and psychiatry.

Head of Research Division

Paul Appelbaum, MD, Chief