Stanislav R. Vorel, MD

Board Certifications: 
Psychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry
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Areas of Expertise / Conditions Treated

  • Addiction Psychiatry
  • Adult Psychiatry
  • Alcohol Use Disorders
  • Nicotine Dependence
  • Opiate Pharmacology
  • Substance Use

Academic Appointments

  • Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry

Hospital Affiliations

  • NewYork-Presbyterian / Columbia University Irving Medical Center


  • Dutch
  • French
  • German


  • Male

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Credentials & Experience

Education & Training

  • University of Limburg at Maastricht Medical School, Netherlands
  • Residency: Stamford Hospital - CT
  • Residency: New York State Psychiatric Institute
  • Residency: NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center
  • Fellowship: NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center

Board Certifications

  • Psychiatry
  • Addiction Psychiatry

Honors & Awards

  • 2003 American Psychological Association Outstanding Dissertation Award (First Prize)
  • 2004 National Institute of Mental Health Outstanding Resident Award Program
  • 2005 American Psychiatric Association, New York County District Branch, Resident Research Awards (First Prize)
  • 2006 American Psychiatric Association Research Colloquium for Junior Investigators award
  • 2006 American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training (AADPRT) Endowment for the Advancement of Psychotherapy, Frieda Fromm-Reichmann M.D. Memorial Award ‘for a scholarly paper making significant contributions to any dynamic area of psychotherapy’ (First Prize)
  • 2007 American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry Travel Scholarship 2007
  • 2009 New York State Psychiatric Institute Research Associate Award


Selected Publications

  • M. Lepore, S.R. Vorel, J. Lowinson and E.L. Gardner: Conditioned place preference induced by Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol: comparison with cocaine, morphine, and food reward; Life Sciences 56:2073-80 (1995)
  • M. Lepore, S.R Vorel. and E.L. Gardner: Studies on the neurobiological interrelationships between vulnerability to depression and vulnerability to drug abuse in animal models; Behavioural Pharmacology 6:82-84 (1995)
  • E.L. Gardner and S.R. Vorel: Cannabinoid transmission and reward-related events; Neurobiology of Disease 5:502-533 (1998) in: Neurobiology of cannabinoid transmission, F Rodriguez de Fonseca and M. Navarro, Eds
  • S.R. Vorel, X. Liu, R.J. Hayes, J.A. Spector and E.L. Gardner: Relapse to cocaine-seeking after hippocampal theta burst stimulation. Science 292:1175-8 (2001)
  • See also: C. Holden: Drug addiction. Zapping memory center triggers drug craving. Science 292:1039 (2001).
  • S.R. Vorel and E.L. Gardner: Reply to Berke and Eichenbaum 'Drug addiction and the hippocampus'. Science 294:1235 (2001)
  • S.R. Vorel, C.R. Ashby Jr, M. Paul, X. Liu, R. Hayes, J.J. Hagan, D.N. Middlemiss, G. Stemp, E.L. Gardner: Dopamine D3 receptor antagonism inhibits cocaine-seeking and cocaine-enhanced brain reward in rats. J Neurosci 22: 9595-603 (2002)
  • R.J. Hayes, S.R. Vorel *, J. Spector, X. Liu, E.L. Gardner: Electrical and chemical stimulation of the basolateral complex of the amygdala reinstates cocaine-seeking behavior in the rat. Psychopharmacology 168: 75-83 (2003). *R.J. Hayes and S.R. Vorel contributed equally to the work
  • J.M. Miller, S.R. Vorel*, A.J. Tranguch, E.T. Kenny, P. Mazzoni, W.G. van Gorp, H.D. Kleber:Anhedonia after a selective bilateral lesion of the globus pallidus Am J. Psychiatry 163: 786-788 (2006). *J.M. Miller and S.R. Vorel contributed equally to the work
  • S.R. Vorel, A. Bisaga, G. McKhann, H.D. Kleber: Comment on "Damage to the Insula Disrupts Addiction to Cigarette Smoking" Science. 317: 318-9 (2007)
  • D.B. Merrill, R.R. Girgis, L.C. Bickford, S.R. Vorel, J.A. Lieberman: Teaching trainees to negotiate research collaborations with industry: A mentorship model Am J Psychiatry 167:381-6 (2010)
  • R.R. Girgis, D.B. Merrill, S.R. Vorel, E. Kim, K. Portland, M. You, A. Pikalov, R. Whitehead, J.A. Lieberman: Aripiprazole versus haloperidol treatment in early-stage schizophrenia J Psychiatr Res. 45:756-62 (2011)

Books and other monographs:

  • S.R. Vorel "A Neurobiological Substrate For Mental Representations" Monograph, winner Frieda Fromm-Reichmann award (2006)
  • S.R. Vorel "A neural circuit underlying cocaine-seeking behavior", Ph.D. Dissertation, Proquest, Ann Arbor MI (2001)
  • S.R. Vorel and S.H. Lisanby Therapeutic potential of TMS-induced plasticity in the prefrontal cortex, Chapter 38 in: Wassermann et al. (eds): The Oxford Handbook of Transcranial Stimulation (2008)