Kristina Denisova, PhD

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Academic Appointments

  • Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology (in Psychiatry)

Credentials & Experience

Education & Training

  • BA, Psychology, English Literature (Minor), New York University
  • MS, Psychology, Rutgers University
  • PhD, Psychology, Rutgers University
  • Fellowship: Columbia University, NY


Research Interests

  • autism spectrum disorders
  • Infant siblings at high familial risk for autism
  • Sleep and cognition
  • Sensorimotor and language acquisition and development
  • Functional and structural neuroimaging



Jul 1 2010 - Jun 30 2015

Selected Publications

Denisova, K. (2019). Failure to attune to language predicts autism in high risk infants. Brain and Language. PMID: 31133435

Denisova, K. (2019). Age attenuates noise and increases symmetry of head movements during sleep resting-state fMRI in healthy neonates, infants, and toddlers. Infant Behavior and Development. PMID: 31102945

Denisova, K. (2019). Neurobiology, not artifacts: Challenges and guidelines for imaging the high risk infant. NeuroImage, 185: 624-640. PMID: 30010009

Zhao, G., Walsh, K., Long, J., Gui, W., Weihua, Denisova, K*. (2018). Reduced structural complexity of the right cerebellar cortex in male children with autism spectrum disorder. PLoS ONE. PMID: 29995885

* senior author

Denisova, K. & Zhao, G. (2017). Inflexible neurobiological signatures precede atypical development in infants at high risk for autism. Nature Scientific Reports, 7: 11285. PMID: 28900155

Denisova, K., Zhao, G., Wang, Z., Goh, S., Huo, Y., & Peterson, B. (2016). Cortical interactions during the resolution of information processing demands in autism spectrum disorders. Brain and Behavior. PMID: 28239517

Denisova, K., Feldman, J., Su, X., & Singh M. (2016) Investigation of shape representation using sensitivity to axis and part based transformations. Vision Research, 126: 347-61 (special issue on Gestalt perception). PMID: 26325393

Denisova, K., Kibbe, M., Cholewiak, S., Kim, S-H. (2014) Intra- and intermanual curvature aftereffect can be obtained via tool-touch. Haptics, IEEE Transactions on, 7(2). PMID: 24845746

Denisova K., Singh M., & Kowler, E. (2006) The role of part structure in the perceptual localization of a shape. Perception, 35(8), 1073 – 1087. PMID: 17076067

Carrasco, M., McElree, B., Denisova, K., & Giordano, A. (2003). Speed of visual processing increases with eccentricity. Nature Neuroscience, 6, 699 – 700. PMID: 12819786